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FREEZER recommendations????

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looneytune Wed 08-Aug-07 14:12:59

Freezer we got from Freecycle is now broken so time to get a new one.

Any recommendations? Requirements:

It will be in the garage
Self Defrosting Type if possible
Needs about 7 draws approx

Think that's it.


looneytune Wed 08-Aug-07 17:24:52

Bump as desperate to get new one - the freezer was full of food which had to be thrown so need to get new freezer and food asap


traceukw1 Wed 08-Aug-07 17:54:36

Hi you could try looking on this site as it is full of useful info on this type of thing you cn even ask thier advise on there about which freezer they would recommend and at least you are getting good advise from the pros.

looneytune Wed 08-Aug-07 18:34:56

That's great, thanks a lot

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