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shouldbe Wed 08-Aug-07 08:02:08

Today's mission

Jas Wed 08-Aug-07 08:03:56

Morning, shouldbe. I was just about to start the thread when yours popped up

I'm going to try and work on some more hotspots today. The dds are coming back this afternoon

Jas Wed 08-Aug-07 08:06:05

So to make myself feel useful I did the other link, and then when I posted there was yours!
At first I thought it was my double post

shouldbe Wed 08-Aug-07 08:11:53

Hi Jas Hope your dds have had fun. You made good progress with your hotspots yesterday

My dd is off on another activity morning today - a Hip Hop dance class Then I'm leaving ds with a friend and taking dd to the cinema to see Flushed Away (or possibly swimming - the weather is a bit too good to go and sit in a cinema all afternoon, but it'll be her choice)

I've already got upstairs all tidy this morning, everyone is up and dressed (I just need to dry my hair) then I'll have a quick clear up downstairs and put some washing in the machine and that may have to be it for the day.

I know I have times when I slack off and it all gets on top of me but generally these FLY threads really help me keep on top of things. I wonder where I'd be if I'd never discovered MN...don't like to think about it! Thanks guys

OK, sentimental waffle over!
Have a good day all

shouldbe Wed 08-Aug-07 08:12:17


FunkyGlassSlipper Wed 08-Aug-07 08:27:19

Morning guys. Did this mission recently

Off out today with kiddies. DD2 sick last night so lots of washing to do....

ludaloo Wed 08-Aug-07 09:28:00

Morning all

shouldbe I'll echo your sentimental waffle... {{{{{HUGS}}}}} to all you FLY peeps your DD's fun session sounds great! Hope you have a good afternoon whichever activity you do

tort glad you are getting sorted...I do hope you have a brilliant time

jas you are doing great with the hotspots...I need to take a leaf out of your book! Hope your DD's are all back safe and sound and had a good time.

FGS Ooooh poor DD2...hope she is ok today. Enjoy your day out

Well today I have to:
~Wash all the bedding...I changed all 4 beds last night, as today is nice and sunny I can get them all out on the line.
~Have to tidy generally
~Go to Post Office
~Have a picnic lunch in the park..meeting DH in his lunch break
~Clean the bathroom and downstairs loo
~Have a crack at some of this weeks missions, as I haven't done any of them yet!

Enjoy your day all

FunkyGlassSlipper Wed 08-Aug-07 09:28:31

Change of plan

I have a kitchen floor full of vomit covered clothes and a sleeping poorly DD in my arms so cant do anything about them

shouldbe Wed 08-Aug-07 09:38:25

FGS Hope it passes soon, it's so horrible when they're sick, esp when they're still so little

ludaloo Wed 08-Aug-07 09:50:12

oooh nooo FGS poor thing...I think personally I would stick to just breatfeeding for a bit and see how she goes...she will be getting enough nutrients etc. from your milk. I hope she perks up... it is awful when they are ill.

I have:
~Hung a load of washing out which I put on before I went to bed
~Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher
~Stuck another load in washing machine

Kids are in the garden in their pyjamas so I had better get them in and dressed!

FunkyGlassSlipper Wed 08-Aug-07 09:53:21

Thanks Luda. She has just woken up and has no temp and is positively chirpy. It's a bit weird. Will b/f later though.

EHM Wed 08-Aug-07 09:54:28

Morning All

Especially shouldbe Right back at yer{smile] Jas & luda Hello
FGS Hope dd is better soon. Its awful when they are poorly

Right I have managed to read this weeks threads, and I have forgotten what was written on the weekend thread

aufish hope your ds is better soon. Get some sleep. I would be like death warmed up too if I was still up at 2am.
tort I am sure your dcs will love camping. Sorry I don't have any tips,but it looks like you received lots anyway.Cinema sounds like fun. I too was shocked at the price
jas Big <<wave>> back from MondayHope you are all well again in your house.
shoulbe my diary is handy when you are ready. Very excited about meeting you & your lo's
luda glad you enjoyed camping.Hope you are all feeling well in your house.
grouchysorry did lol at your drag queen comment.I am sure the wedding will be fine. Can we have some pictures please?Is Ed feeling any better?
simplys sorry I missed you before you headed off. Hope you have a fab time.
shoobie my little brother was obsessed with 'on the buses' & 'police acadamy' films

Hopefully I am caught up. Mondays Mission done, todays done last week. Yesterdays not done as under my sink is my 'pan cupboard' its looking ok.

House bound today as Tesco coming between 10-12, then Gas Man between 12-6pm. So lots of playing in garden i think.

Have a good day all.x

EHM Wed 08-Aug-07 09:56:46

FGS x post.Glad dd has perked up.

ludaloo Wed 08-Aug-07 10:28:57

Right kids all to post a letter and get some milk.

See you all in a bit xx

grouchyoscar Wed 08-Aug-07 11:07:00

Golly, we're Flying this morning!

Thanks for the kind comments re the wedding jitters. I told bf to find another bridesmaid and she has so I shouldn't be touchy really. As a non driving, non shopping full time mum with sporadic childcare and a handful of a DS, tight income and an un girly girl, she needs someone more traditionally minded. Just a touch miffed that I've not been invited to the posh spa weekend but, hey ho.

Ed seems to be more chipper today but if he wees on the rug again (he did it last night too) He's going on eBay. We're still going on the Teddy Bear's Picnic this aft

I've done loads today usual morning stuff and I've cleaned the dishwaher down to the filter. Also made a chicken and pesto pack up for the picnic.

Well Just popping by to say HI, may be back later folks

EHM Wed 08-Aug-07 11:12:57

Hi luda*
You sound just like me, non driving etc. Don't be hard on yourself, I am sure you would do a stand up job as a bridesmaid. Bit naughty of you bf not inviting you to Spar Weekend. She could have at least giving you the option.Enjoy the picnic.

Ellie has a slight temp, given her some calpol & she is now napping. I think its over from her MMR.

Right off for a cuppa & to send an old friend an email. not heard from her for years, discovered on friends reunited that she had just got married. So emailed her , received reply last night.

ludaloo Wed 08-Aug-07 11:53:58

Hope Ellie is better soon, jabs are horrid aren't they....all is well in our house (ludaloo scoots off to touch the biggest bit of wood she can clap eyes on..)DD1 still has a rash but it is lots better.

grouchy I had the same problem as you when my best friend from school got married last august. She asked me to be a bridesmaid but it was pretty much impossible! 3 kids, busy dh, etc etc. She is as yet childless (they are planning their first at the mo) Her wedding was a big affair, and I felt very sad to have not been able to do it. She and her other childless bridesmaids (all friends from school or Uni) went to a spa for a weekend, and spent 2 nights at her aunty's mansion (where the wedding reception was held) to be pampered and the likes. I arrived on the day of the wedding and felt a bit awkward, as she had all our friends sat with her on the top table and I went on my own with DD2 as Ds and DD1 were ill (suprise suprise!)and I felt well and truly left out, as she was my very best friend at school.
But thats the price you pay I guess for being the first out of all my friends to have a family...and at the end of the day my family has to come first.

oops that turned into a bit of a rambling rant type thing! Anyway...

Washing calls...[sigh and sob]

AufishFeQueen Wed 08-Aug-07 11:57:44

Good morning, not much flying here today as we are picking up the pieces from an incident last night. Basically my x husband became abusive on the phone to myself and my partner, when all I called him for was to find out what he wanted me to pack. So we are now refusing to drive the kids down to Bristol which we had offered. The final contact order states that he is responsible for all the transportation to and from Cornwall. We offered to drive them to Bristol last week due to the fact that he hadn't passed his test. We said that we could drive half way so then his mother could drive them the rest of way and it all seemed ok. Then last night he decided he was going to be very abusive and nasty towards the both of us. So everybody is upset within the family and we have told him that he now has to stick to the contact order to the letter.

EHM Wed 08-Aug-07 12:18:16

ludaaww I am bloody crying now I had a pain in my heart for you. Family does come first. Glad lo's are better.
Aufish sorry to hear you had a tough time last night.{{hugs}} I wish I could offer advice or words of comfort.

shouldbe Wed 08-Aug-07 12:38:05

It's so hard to explain when family has to come first to friends who don't have lo's yet isn't it? I'm sure the wedding will be lovely grouchy and you'll make a great bridesmaid (we'll need to see pics you know...)

I've just made some popcorn and am about to head off out the door to collect dd and go to the cinema I'm really looking forward to it (I just wish parking was easier in the town we need to go to but I'm trying not to panic about it...)

See you later x

shouldbe Wed 08-Aug-07 12:38:43

EHM I'll try to email you this eve...or you could try again to install MSN....

EHM Wed 08-Aug-07 13:48:12

shouldbe I've installed again, just for you It appears ok & showing I am online. I know you told me before but I need to invite you along for a chat? Can you email the correct email address thanks

ludaloo Wed 08-Aug-07 14:22:12

EHM awww thanks!

Aufish hope you are ok and it all goes smoothly from now on...I think you are doing the right thing though that your x had to be abusive though.

Well I have been to the P.O
Hung another load of sheets, pillow cases and duvets out
Had a picnic in the park (glorious weather!)
Done both today's and yesterday's missions (I had no idea how much stuff was under my sink! Found lots of things I didn't even know were there!!!)

Going to spend the afternoon in the garden, as the kids are looking bored again and I don't want them sat on the computer or staring at the tv on such a beautiful day.


ludaloo Wed 08-Aug-07 14:23:20

shouldbe hope the film goes well

AufishFeQueen Wed 08-Aug-07 15:14:57

Have now sent a text to his phone, stating that we are not going to be abused and we will not be taking the kids anywhere and that we are sticking to the contact order. There will be no extra days included within the time and he has to transport them to and from Cornwall at the times specified by the order. We are now waiting for round 2. Though we will not be talking to him again.

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