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Ribena on me carpet!!

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kay1981 Fri 03-Aug-07 10:20:28

Help! I'm regretting letting DS loose with his juice cup, he's dribbled a bit on the CREAM carpet and unfortunately, standing staring at it, wishing I been watching him instead of last nights emmerdale isn't helping, so any other ideas welcome!! xx

allgonebellyup Fri 03-Aug-07 10:21:27

dont have cream carpet in the first place?

ricepuddingpaddington Fri 03-Aug-07 10:23:12

Cream of tartar. Mix into paste with water and squash into stain. Leave for half an hour. Vacuum it out. May need to soak out cream of tartar but it will lift the stain.

Can you tell I've had to use this before?

kay1981 Fri 03-Aug-07 12:35:29

Thanks rpp, i'll try that, and yes me thinks I'm not the first one to ask this question.

allgonebellyup - thanks for your insightful comment, that really helped.


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