Fledglings aim for an amazing August - the Flylady thread

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TooStressyTooMessy Wed 31-Jul-19 19:51:53

...or just aim to get through the summer holidays!

Welcome to the August Flylady thread. This is a really lovely thread where we loosely follow the Flylady system (see the Flylady website ) in the hope of having organised homes and lives.

Every day I will post a link to the launchpad which has everything you need for that day if you do want to follow the system strictly. Plenty of options to follow the system more loosely as well smile.

Please do familiarise yourself with the Flylady website, especially if you are new. The Flylady is (understandably) keen that people do look at the website.

On the website there is information for beginners. You can also sign up to the Flylady emails but we would advise not to as there are hundreds of them.

We post our achievements (ta das) and our to do lists and any other general chatter about life / flying.

Information on getting started: www.flylady.net/d/getting-started/

The launch pad is also a good starting place:www.flylady.net/c/lp.php

Fly stands for Finally Loving Yourself. The general idea is that short bursts of tidying / organisation are more achievable than marathon efforts. Flylady advises 15 minute bursts is effort but you can tweak this to fit your own circumstances.

Be kind to yourselves, jump in where you are and be careful not to crash and burn!

A daily summary (which should update automatically every day) is available on the Flylady website at flight plan here.

The link to the current zone and missions is [[http://www.flylady.net/c/sp.php#missions here].

Re. zones, do what works for you. I don’t always stick to the zones myself and do what works best at the time!

daily focus

missions for the week

Flykids mission

August’s habit is laundry - attempt to conquer Mt. Washmore!

beginner babysteps.

The best place to look for an overall summary is the launch pad.

Happy flying everyone.

Please note that while there is lots of information on the website, from a security point of view we would advise caution with putting any personal details in or downloading anything.

Also a huge thank you to Expletive for the July thread cakeflowersbrewwine.

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IVEgottheDECAF Wed 31-Jul-19 19:54:31

Placemarking, ty stressy for the new thread and expletive for July

Lisette1940 Wed 31-Jul-19 22:10:42

Opens naughty corner in new August thread.

ExpletiveDelighted Wed 31-Jul-19 23:10:27

Thank you Stressy flowers

Bowerbird5 Wed 31-Jul-19 23:20:09

Sneaks in some chocolate for naughty corner.

Mantra- need to be more productive.

Stilllivinginazoo Thu 01-Aug-19 06:08:23

<eats chocolate >
<Puts kettle on>
Thank you for shiny new thread stressy and to expletive for getting us through July!!

Builders inspection today so need jump to it and get on top of damn mess!!

foxessocks Thu 01-Aug-19 07:13:36

Hello everyone! Thanks for the new thread smile

How is it August???

ChicCroissant Thu 01-Aug-19 07:59:47

Just marking my place, I am away for a few days now so I will see you next week, will check in if the wifi works in the temporary residence! If not, see you on the 6th!

TooStressyTooMessy Thu 01-Aug-19 08:15:56

Morning all. Glad to see naughty corner is already set up grin. I’m just about to go into work so will catch up with the thread at lunchtime.

Have a great holiday Chic.

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Onthebrink67 Thu 01-Aug-19 08:38:02

Can I bring Jaffa cakes to the naughty corner? Lurked on the previous thread but MH hasn’t been great so very little flying got done. Hoping August is a better month. I need to stop planning over ambitious amounts to do and actually do something however small 😞

Lisette1940 Thu 01-Aug-19 12:42:17

Bloody hot here in Ireland.

Stilllivinginazoo Thu 01-Aug-19 12:58:42

onthebrink babysteps lovelywink
Personally I get up and put wash on as soon as I've had a wee and fed cats.once that's on it makes me feel I've done SOMETHING then try and build it from there.try not to be unkind,MH is a tricky beast and you can only do what you can manageflowers

Fed cats
Wash on
Bleach lav
Scrub bleached cotton wool on black mould off my bedroom sill
Was informed dry furball on lil zoos si.deslt with that too
Littertray(#living my best life)

Sweep living room floor
Clean behind sofas of stray zoolet detritus liberatinh cat toys in process
Wipe TV unit
Wipe fireplace/mantelpiece
Sweep kitchen floor
Wipe surfaces
Wash up
Put away
Shine sink/drainer
Empty kitchen bin/recycling into big bin outside
Sweep toilet floor
De cobweb
Clean sill
Clean mirror(again)
Detoothpaste sink
De fur bathshock(bloody cat keeps sit in it/drink from plughole if zoolets forget rinse out well she has runny bum from drinking the soapy liquid hmm)
Tidy hall
Hoover stairs
Make path on landing
Restack my room(still a hot mess but at least builder can get in to look at cracks/ditto glazier if he books damn app to come

Pop shops as D's has no vests that fit,lil zoo outgrown socks and getting into rows pinching from other two!
Acquire maths sets for girls,polywallets for dd2 and highlighters as on offer(can I count this as organised? ignores fact lil zoo needs full uniform for secondary )
Popped couple other shops
Early lunch(1145) as builder can come anytime from 1230
Wash up
Complain zoolets to clear better paths to cracks in their rooms

It's not a palace by any means,tbh I'm ashamed of the state but there's no where to put anything and as access all rooms I've nowhere to stash!!

Stilllivinginazoo Thu 01-Aug-19 12:59:49

Forgot 3loads wash done,two dry fold and away,third in wash now!

TooStressyTooMessy Thu 01-Aug-19 13:11:52

Always happy to have jaffa cakes in the naughty corner Onthebrink smile. As zoo says, Flylady talks a lot about being over ambitious and recommends babysteps. I always feel as if I should achieve more than I do though so I can sympathise.

zoo, our cat is also a fan of water from anywhere that is not her nice clean cat bowl hmm.

I actually find summer holidays go quite slowly compared to the rest of the year so am not too surprised it’s August foxes. That doesn’t mean I’m prepared for our holiday which is coming up soon though!

Waves to Ive, Bower, * and everyone else.

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Bowerbird5 Thu 01-Aug-19 17:28:00

Been out to a church thing.We provided a buffet meal for 85 people mostly teenagers travelling to various points/shrines in the country from Scotland and Ireland and going to Wales at some point.
What a lovely bunch they were. So many came and thanked us individually. Shared some prayers and a hymn in church before they went on their way.

Welcome Onthebrink I lurked for quite a while too as I had been bitten on an AIBU so name changed and snuck in here where the group is friendly.
Last year we did sets of three. So set three task put them on if achieved chose another three. This worked very well for some of us that fail at too ambitious plans.

I haven't done anything apart from feeding cat and chicken and washing up breakfast. Been out since 10.15 just arrived home. Parched so off for a cup of tea in the summerhouse. Something simple for tea!

Bowerbird5 Thu 01-Aug-19 17:28:38

oh I folded washing from last night before it was soaked in down pour.

Onthebrink67 Thu 01-Aug-19 17:45:43

Thanks for the welcome. Home for an hour between work and family thing. Washed dishes, did a wool load of washing and put it on the airer and set another load to wash overnight. Changed sons bedclothes and ironed two other sets of bedclothes and matched a pile of socks. Now want to nap but have to be social 😞

Stilllivinginazoo Thu 01-Aug-19 18:04:28

onthebrinkstar for laundry work
Sometimes bit socialising perks me up --others makes me bloody tired--<not helpful.sorry>

bloody brickie never showed his face,I rang having stayed in 12-430....apparently had bigger than expected job and failed to follow protocol if ring me to let me know.uts rebooked for 13th August,but no option of time slot so I have to be in 8-430 until he appears.grrrrr
And I've not had glazier in touch to book app visit over foggy window.thats been chased up and should ring me tomorrow<not holding breath>.
<Heads to naughty corner>

IVEgottheDECAF Thu 01-Aug-19 18:17:23

Bloody hell zoo! After all the prep you did!

TooStressyTooMessy Thu 01-Aug-19 18:56:25

Oh how annoying zoo angry.

I’d forgotten about the power of three Bower! Think you do it sometimes too Ive? Might be a good one to try over the summer holidays. That sounds like a pretty good power hour there Onthebrink! I’m a big power hour fan.

Haven’t really done any flying today as have been at work. Going to try to do some kind of power hour now as dishes and laundry really need tackling. Tonight I need to get stuff ready for the girls for an activity tomorrow and mentally prepare myself for getting the cat in her cat carrier to go to the cattery tomorrow confused. If I could get caught up a bit more on laundry that would be great as I need to pack our stuff tomorrow as we go away to visit my parents at the weekend. Eeek.

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Stilllivinginazoo Thu 01-Aug-19 19:47:55

stressy good luck with that...scoutcat will chase a treat in and boom,we lock it.cossima we tease in with a toy/laser pen.nelly has to be crowbarred in using thickest hand defenders I have from the top opening as she is a windmill of claws!!(not so much at vets as she knows only way home is get back in damn box!!)

Lisette1940 Thu 01-Aug-19 20:55:25

I'd be livid too zoo

TooStressyTooMessy Thu 01-Aug-19 22:27:11

launch pad link

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Stilllivinginazoo Fri 02-Aug-19 06:40:03

<Leaves fruit salad on naughty corner bar>
Lil zoo has asthma nurse appointment (had tight chest so been doing peak flow twice a day for last 10 days)..got be there for 730shock

Fed cats
Wash on
Bleach lav
Wash up last night's tea thingsblush
Wipe surfaces
Make fruit salad
Zoolets fed aforementioned salad(toasted bagels once back and everyone's fully awake<dd2/D's look like zombie film extrasgrin> )
Fold dry washing from tumble dryer I forgot about yesterday,and put away
Chivvy dd2 get her arse in gear if doesn't want be home alone(she doesn't so slight pick up of speed but with extensive grumbling)
We need to leave in 5minutes to get there on time!!

foxessocks Fri 02-Aug-19 07:23:03

zoo 7.30 shock I thought my orthodontist appointment at 8.20 next week was early!!

Hope you make it!

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