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Kitchens & Wardrobes

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NappyChange Sun 29-Jul-07 16:48:19

Am I on the right topic list?
Anyway, fitted kitchen needed, also new wardrobes with clever space storage stuff hidden behind doors. Looked in Moben and everything looks great, looked at reviews and everyone has a complaint about them.

Live in Beckenham, can any PLS recommend someone they have used or know to be good?
Thank you!

lorca Sun 29-Jul-07 21:32:41

Don't don't don't go for moben (or kitchens direct or dolphin bathrooms - all the same company) they have seriously hard-sell salesmen who will get shirty and quite intimidating if you want to think about it overnight, and the quality is not great. You'd be better off with someone like Matchmaker, or even MFI - the quality is better and price is similar too. We've just had a new kitchen and thought the moben stuff was nice-enough looking but crap inside.

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