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Gather round and tell me tales of your fantastic washing machine

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Pruners Tue 24-Jul-07 21:15:25

Message withdrawn

Pruners Tue 24-Jul-07 21:35:49

Message withdrawn

JackieNo Tue 24-Jul-07 21:38:20

Sorry, can't help - ours is OK, but not particularly brilliant. But bumping for you anyway.

Lostmykeys Tue 24-Jul-07 21:40:37

I love my Hoover washing machine which has a 8kg load, variable spin speeds and an outstanding variety of washes ranging from 40 minutes upwards. It is fab and I had it new 6 months ago. Bought off a local supplier who I got to match Comets price and deliver for free too! (Cannot believe I have contributed to a thread on washing machines, but I do consider it a close friend these days)

Sheherazadethegoat Tue 24-Jul-07 21:41:24

our zanussi - erm... it washes clothes and has done for a long time with no problems.

Pruners Tue 24-Jul-07 21:41:35

Message withdrawn

Lostmykeys Tue 24-Jul-07 21:45:04

I think I got it for £280 at the time. Sorry this sounds vague but can't find the receipt. I know that I wouldn't have gone over £300. It is a 'Hoover Vision HD 8kg'.
P.S Washed a single duvet and pillow in it today and it all fitted in no probs. It is fab.

Pruners Tue 24-Jul-07 21:49:02

Message withdrawn

lou33 Tue 24-Jul-07 21:51:07

i have an lg dirct drive 7.5kg load machine

it's great, cheaper than similar machines of different brands

and direct drive means no brushes to go wrong!

single duvet, and accompanying sheets all went in no probs the day before yesterday

FunkyGlassSlipper Wed 25-Jul-07 09:36:05

I have a cheapish Hotpoint and it's great. Not sure of the drum size tbh but it as a handwash cycle, small load option, and various settings at 30 40 60 and even a 90 I think but i never use that.

traceukw1 Wed 01-Aug-07 15:56:41

Try this link it will give advise on the best washing machine for the money you want to spend


NannyL Wed 01-Aug-07 19:01:54

I recommend the john lewis own brand one... and you get a 3 year garentee as standard

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