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Smell of damp in living room - help please

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AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Mon 23-Jul-07 14:15:40

Been living in my new place for about 8 weeks. The survey had picked up that there was damp in the house due to a patio being placed too high and causing a drainage problem. We had some people come in before we moved in to put in a damp proof course and the plaster is now dry, but there's still a real smell of damp and mustiness in the living room. Does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this?

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Mon 23-Jul-07 14:33:40

Bump - anyone please??

Ellaroo Mon 23-Jul-07 14:40:28

Have you checked whether it's just a general smell - or could it be coming specifically from the carpets or some damp wood? Other than that air it well...sorry, don't really know what else to suggest. Hope you get it sorted though.

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Mon 23-Jul-07 14:48:48

Well I've tried feeling the wall where the damp course has been fitted and that doesn't feel damp. I thought it would go away after the damp course, but if anything it's getting worse.

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Mon 23-Jul-07 14:59:08

Can anyone help?

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Mon 23-Jul-07 15:23:06

Bumping again.

mytwopenceworth Mon 23-Jul-07 15:25:47

if the problem has been solved and it is just a resibual smell, then it will fade with time.

bicarb of soda is good to sprinkle as it absorbs moisture and odours.

heat on to dry out, windows open to air out (not at same time, obviously!)

mytwopenceworth Mon 23-Jul-07 15:26:14


MintChocChippyMinton Mon 23-Jul-07 15:27:50

Look outside and check that any airbricks at ground level are uncovered and free of soil or debris.

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