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~~~~****Monday Fly*****~~~~~

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Aufish Mon 23-Jul-07 01:01:21

Yes I know its 1am but I am starting the Monday Fly thread, still washing and ironing at the moment! Still need to make my bed and get in it! Well I'll be back on here later on in the morning. Am of course leaving the mission link to somebody better at that kind of thing!!! My poor new washing machine has had a baptism of fire, 7 loads of washing have been done since I got it here and I've got loads more to do! See you later!

1dilemma Mon 23-Jul-07 01:10:55

Funnily enough I'm up waiting for mine to finish, (and doing some other stuff)

Aufish Mon 23-Jul-07 01:23:12

I'm off to bed in a minute just putting away the ironing board and then making the bed. Thankfully the kids are on holiday now otherwise I would be shattered later, will be having a lovely lie in as DP is home from work at 8.30am.

shouldbe Mon 23-Jul-07 07:59:09

Good morning

Blimey Aufish! Hope you did get to bed soon after your post and can give yourself a good lie-in this morning!

We're up and (almost) ready for school and toddlers. It's the last toddlers for ds and me so I'm feeling a bit I've been going for 6 years and have some good friends there - what will happen to my social life once both kids are at primary school?!

We can't do our usual supermarket run today as the town we usually go to is cut off by the floods so I'll have to hope the village store here gets a delivery today so I can get the fresh bits we need.

Have a good morning, see you later x

shouldbe Mon 23-Jul-07 08:00:38

Almost forgot, here's the mission for today

EHM Mon 23-Jul-07 09:07:28

Morning ALL
Back from my Mums after 1 week last night. Lots to do very tired. Hope you are all well & your lo's too.

Will try & catch up with the threads. Chat with you all soon.x.

EHM Mon 23-Jul-07 09:51:56

aufish hope you get a well deserved long lie..enjoy
shouldbe Hope the store does get that delivery. How did the rain effect you overall? DH drove to my parents house on Friday lunch time it took him just over 6 hours because of the weather. Normally it takes 3-3.5 hours.

EHM Mon 23-Jul-07 09:53:34

MLR I've just read your sad news I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you & your family.{{{Hugs}}} to you all.x.x

julezboo Mon 23-Jul-07 09:57:47

Morning all!

Blimey Aufish, I hope your still sleeping!!

shouldbe - school? Have your DC not finished yet?

EHM welcome back, hope you had a nice time!

I have loads to do today! We have been out and about all weekend, you wouldn't believe the state the house has got in!

Heres my list!


- Make beds
- general tidy
- Hoover
- Wipe around


- sort washing into piles
- S+S
- Hoover
- tidy up changing table


- clean muddy shoes
- tidy shoe rack
- empty bags from yesterday
- wipe round
- Hoover


- clean pram
- polish
- toys away
- Hoover


- toys away
- polish
- general tidy
- Put clothes away
- Hoover


- 3 x washing
- drying too
- dishes
- put dishes away
- empty bins done
- hoover
- S+S

Also have a few more ebay parcels to wrap! But we are having a PJ day today! I even dropped DF off in my PJ's

EHM Mon 23-Jul-07 10:00:09

Julze good luck with the list. I am scared to start mine as there is so much to do
Just having a late breakfast & ellie is having her 2nd breakfast, didn't each the first.
Must stay off mumsnet until at least 1pm

EHM Mon 23-Jul-07 10:00:26

oops julez

Aufish Mon 23-Jul-07 10:21:37

Morning, just got up, am feeling pretty good in fact, just off to have a shower and take the kids into town to see the Dr Who exhibition that is coming to town today. Will be back later with a list as I need one today. Good morning to everybody and hope everybody is well.

yaddayah Mon 23-Jul-07 12:10:09

we are all still in our pajama's

shouldbe Mon 23-Jul-07 12:20:53

School doesn't break up here until Weds lunchtime am quite of those of you enjoying lazy mornings in your PJs!
We've been to toddlers
No delivery yet at the village store but they seemed hopeful that one would arrive soon so ds and I will walk down again later. I have a pizza in the freezer we can have for supper but am out of anything fresh to go with it (kids won't mind anyway!)

Glad you had a good time away EHM

Better make some lunch - ds is starving apparently, despite eating about 4 biscuits at toddler group!

See you later x

grouchyoscar Mon 23-Jul-07 12:31:33

Afternoon all

So the 1st full day of the jolly days. I went on a sponsored walk for funds for the toddler group. 1.5 miles. I went prepared, took huge DS in his buggy and took my walking stick and Ed's riens and wrist link (he ended up in the lake at xmas so I was covering every possibility)

Ed was a real sweetie, he poddled along as good as gold. OK, he chased the geese and the ducks but was well impressed by the 3 ducklings (awwh) So the boot camp seems to be working. I've let him watch scooby doo now. He also had a brown sauce butty at the group [ewwwh]

Done list

Up, washed and dressed
Ed up
Give him his clothes
Get buggy out of cellar
Vac the buggy and air it
Give Ed some trousers that he hasn't grown out of
Eat breakfast
Wash ed
Take him to the walk
Walk 1. miles round the park lake
Back to group
Tidy Ed's bedroom (yeah, he should do it but he's been so good)

To do
Make drinks
Empty DW
Sort wet washing for drying
Make dinner

I've overdone it but I feel that I've done the right thing

Aufish Mon 23-Jul-07 14:45:04

Back from town and all I can say is what a dissappointing visit. Not worth the time.

My done list:

3 loads of washing, about another 20 to do! boo hoo! Can't believe we have that much washing and that's from a week!
washing and drying up

To do

More washing and ironing
clean the bathrooms
put away the ironing from last night

Right I had better get on with it otherwise it will not be done. I wouldn't be surprised if I will be starting the thread again at some stupid time of tomorrow morning as the kids will be up late again tonight.

julezboo Mon 23-Jul-07 15:16:09

Afternoon all!

this day has gone so fast!


- Make beds done
- general tidy done
- Hoover
- Wipe around done


- sort washing into piles done
- S+S done
- Hoover
- tidy up changing table done


- clean muddy shoes
- tidy shoe rack done
- empty bags from yesterday done
- wipe round
- Hoover


- clean pram
- polish
- toys away
- Hoover


- toys away done
- polish done
- general tidy done
- Put clothes away done
- Hoover


- 3 x washing almost
- drying too
- dishes done
- put dishes away done
- empty bins done
- hoover
- S+S done

Havnt done ebay parcels, had a row with DP so had a nice long bath whilst both kids where sleeping.

Got an hour or so before I go and pick the chimp (dp ) up so gonna get on and then get us dressed.

grouchyoscar Mon 23-Jul-07 16:08:06

Made Ed a door hanger
Emptied DW
Put away
Emptied wm
Sorted out for drying
Load td with the nearly dry stuff and run
Hang up wet stuff
Empty TD
Sort and put away
Create huge ironing pile
S&S loo
S&S potty
S&S bathroom
Shine sink
Make shopping list for ingredients for DH's birthday cake (think I'll do Nigella's chocolate fudge cake)

To do

Wrap DH's presents
Write cards
Make pre supper snack


EHM Mon 23-Jul-07 16:33:17

aufish sorry to hear that the trip into town was a waste of time. Good luck with the washing marathon, I've just completed mine.
Grouchy Was it Ed's birthday last week?
<<<waves>>> to yadd, shouldbe & julez

Ellie is being a bit of a rascal today. Just started walking in fits & starts. Gets excited & Tries to run then topples over. Tried to take her for a walk this afternoon...not a good idea. Still a bit unsteady on her feet. She is becoming very strong willed & keeps flinging herself on the floor, or backwards if I say no
I am knackered can't wait until dh gets home.

s & s kitchen
swept & mopped floors downstairs
s & s downstairs loo
many loads of washing
hung washing out & on airer
booked ellie's MMR appoint
supermarket for bread, milk & eggs
order photo birthday card from ellie to my
post our card to father in law
make bed
remainder of unpacking
general tidy

I am off as Ellie is trying to climb onto the dining chair next to me!

EHM Mon 23-Jul-07 16:34:22

Ellie now chasing the cat....

Is anyone going to the London Mumsnet Picnic on Sunday?

Jas Mon 23-Jul-07 17:27:51


I've not read the rest of the threads, but I'm back and I want to share (I know they are 17 months old, but they were lost on a dea mobile phone and I got them back this weekend.)

shouldbe Mon 23-Jul-07 17:31:45

Awwww Jas Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a good weekend?

EHM no, can't go - sounds fun though (if the rain holds off) Hope you have fun and enjoy meeting Jas

shouldbe Mon 23-Jul-07 17:32:40

Kids are fighting downstairs, should I intervene?....have no energy for another arguement with them

yaddayah Mon 23-Jul-07 17:38:59

Hi all
Its raining here

Kids have made giant den in the front room

AM trying to not think about how long its going to take to clear it all up

shouldbe unless they're beating each other to a pulp, I'd leave them for a bit

aufish shame the dr who thing was pants

Not done much today .. finished Harry Potter this morning

grouchyoscar Mon 23-Jul-07 17:53:10

Yep EHM he was 4 on Wednesday. My baby is growing up
Did his thankyou cards yesterday so I suppose it's officially all over. Maybe I can put the trainset away now

Swept the kitchen
Made a snack tea for Ed and me
Cleaned out the snails
Harvested Ed's broad bean crop for tonights dinner

Well DH due home in 1/2 hr so I'll say goodnight to you all

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