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Microwave cleaning

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crokky Sat 21-Jul-07 19:33:14

Do you think you can put the glass plate that is the base of the microwave in the dishwasher (65 degree wash)? Does anyone do it?

JackieNo Sat 21-Jul-07 19:33:59

Haven't tried it with ours, just wash it with other washing up in the sink (occasionally).

crokky Sat 21-Jul-07 19:35:56

Jackie - that's what I do - really ocasionally - thought it could get a really good wash more often if I could dishwash it.

Furball Sat 21-Jul-07 19:41:33

I put mine in and the plastic round thing it rests on. Just becareful you can still turn the spray arms of the diswasher.

crokky Sat 21-Jul-07 19:43:51

Fab! I'll give it a go...anything to save me some work

mytwopenceworth Sat 21-Jul-07 19:48:53

You're supposed to clean them? Who knew.

wheresthehamster Sat 21-Jul-07 20:13:02

Always have done. It's only glass.

NAB3 Sun 22-Jul-07 16:18:33

I am always putting the glass plate in the dishwasher. It is the easiest way to clean it. Remember to use a bowl of warm water and some lemon to loosen any splattered food. Lakeland do a specific microwave cleaner too.

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