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Please help.DD just smeared Spaghetti Bolognese

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tasja Wed 18-Jul-07 12:33:42

all over carpet while I wasn't watching. How do I remove the stains?

Furball Wed 18-Jul-07 12:35:37

I would clear up the lumps, then spray washing powder mixed with water over the stain and massage (not rub) into the carpet. blot with kitchen roll until dry then hoover tomorrow

Prferably Dreft powder if not Biological. If not whatever you have.

tasja Wed 18-Jul-07 12:37:16

will try quickly, shitty shit - orange sauce all over beige carpet. my husband is going to kill me

Beelliesebub Wed 18-Jul-07 12:46:09

Have you got any shaving foam? I often use it as a carpet cleaner..... and it really works..... but I haven't tried it on spag bog though!

Speccy Wed 18-Jul-07 12:48:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LoveMyGirls Wed 18-Jul-07 12:52:57

I usually use car upholstry cleaner for marks on carpets but spag bol is a tricky one you may need some vanish stuff or something?

tasja Wed 18-Jul-07 13:03:52

tried some washing powder mixed with water. Sprayed it with vanish first. i've also put on some upholstry cleaning stuff. Will hoover when dry. Hope it comes clean!
Phoned DH and told him. He doesn't seem to happy about it!

tasja Wed 18-Jul-07 13:04:35

haven't got shaving cream..

Speccy Wed 18-Jul-07 13:04:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tasja Wed 18-Jul-07 13:06:28

that's true ... mine aswell. But I was suppose to look after her

Speccy Wed 18-Jul-07 13:08:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tasja Wed 18-Jul-07 13:11:23

Thanks speccy.
He'll be ok when he gets home. I know I just caught him at a bad time. he was suppose to be back home (Northampton) by now, but is still stuck in London due to fire alarm going off.
Usually these things don't bother him. Just not in a good mood now.

Speccy Wed 18-Jul-07 13:13:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Furball Wed 18-Jul-07 14:57:32

you can get plastic sheet things to go under highchairs, to protect your carpet.

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