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anyone with a condenser dryer why can't I get the little water light to go off I have emptied it already

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Cappuccino Sat 14-Jul-07 11:46:22

and it is not putting any heat out for my clothes

they are not drying

and it is pissing it down

I have emptied the water tank but it is not listening

Nbg Sat 14-Jul-07 11:48:01

I have to turn mine off and press start a few times to get it going after its been full.

suzycreamcheese Sat 14-Jul-07 11:49:38

does it have heat exchanger, that might need to be cleaned?

AnAngelWithin Sat 14-Jul-07 11:57:23

mine usually goes off after a while on its own

AnAngelWithin Sat 14-Jul-07 11:58:07

try emptying the condenser part, you are supposed to clean them out every month

Pannacotta Sat 14-Jul-07 19:33:19

I have to turn mien off and back on again for it to realise I've emptied it.

slayerette Sat 14-Jul-07 19:43:00

Have you rinsed the condenser itself to get rid of all the fluff?

Millarkie Sat 14-Jul-07 19:43:17

The light never goes out on mine (haven't tried turning it off and on again - but then I just ignore it)
Agree, if it's not drying try washing out the condenser thingy.

BecauseImTheFatLady Sun 15-Jul-07 08:10:45

Have you done a serious de-fluff? Not just the actual fluff filter, but the condenser bit as well.

And when you've taken out the fluff filter, look inside the place where it normally sits - mine had got so clogged up in there (despite de-fluffing after every use) I had to call out the engineer because the drier wouldn't work.

Furball Sun 15-Jul-07 08:14:27

On mine there was a little button on the back of the machine which you had to reset.

You may find the instructions online if you've lost them.

AuntyQuated Sun 15-Jul-07 08:15:03

yes---there are 2 places to de-fluff on a condenser.

one is dry fluff, the other is wet fluff - have you done both?

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