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Changing Kitchen Taps.

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typhoonsmum Fri 13-Jul-07 17:45:48

Ok have a little problem.

DP wants to change the kitchen taps. They do need doing. We managed to turn the cold water off but the hot water was still running. In the end we had to turn off the hot water heater and let the water run out.

Now DP just keeps looking at the sink and waffling something about taking the sink itself off because there is no space.

I'm 38 weeks pregnant. He has started the bathroom and not finished - had put up decorating table in DD room so she is all disrupted and has to sleep in the spare room. I can't have my kitchen in a disgrace as well. I want a tidy house.


sep1712 Fri 13-Jul-07 21:08:40

When he's at work get a copy of the yellow pages and get workmen out to do the jobs! When he comes home tell him you have done them! hey presto no stress and the house is ready for the new baby! Good luck

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