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.............Friday FLY................

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Jas Fri 13-Jul-07 06:24:58


kiskidee Fri 13-Jul-07 06:31:00

you fly people start early!

Jas Fri 13-Jul-07 06:49:31

I'm not doing any housework this early...I'm drinking tea and lurking on MN

FoeGlassSlipper Fri 13-Jul-07 07:11:48

I'm here but about to have breakfast and feed DD2. Have people over too so no housework for me today

Still recovering from my visit from the mouse family...

Jas Fri 13-Jul-07 07:47:35

EHM (noticed buy christening present on your list last week) or anyone else who can help me.....I have a christening to go to, not much money and no present. I thought I could buy a book of childrens bible stories. Is that really rubbish? I am a (fairly vocal) athiest - is it really hypocritical to buy a religious present? (the parents are christians, not just doing it for an excuse for a party)

Can anybody suggest anything else if this is a bad idea?

(can't post a seperate thread. - The mum is a regular mumsnetter but not a FLYer.)

tortoise You've done a great job this week.

Sorry GlassSlipper but I've been laughing about your mouse since I read it yesterday.

FoeGlassSlipper Fri 13-Jul-07 08:34:31

Jas - I think a book of bible stories is a lovely idea. When DD1 was christened she got lots f things including : a crucifx, baby charm bracelet, tooth box, money box, photo frame, locket, a Peter Rabbit plate & cup set and a couple of toys. Most things were silver or Beatrix Potter but I remember one of the nicest things actually was a hand-written poem with a pressed flower in a picture frame. Didnt cost much but it meant a lot.


shouldbe Fri 13-Jul-07 09:03:44

Thanks for the thread Jas
I agree with glass, the book is a great idea but really pretty much anything goes for Christening presents. One of the gifts to ds was a great Noahs Ark story book which we still read at least once a week, by far the best used present - many other gifts were more decorative and are stored away!

glass good on your cat trying to alert you to the mouse problem! I hope your dh has managed to block up the hole...

Ds is off pre-school today cos he's exhausted - he wanted to go but he was soooo tired last night and woke early (again) that I've decided to keep him home. Plus we have a friend for lunch and some more friends coming after school so there's plenty going on today anyway.

I went to sort some washing to put in the wm this morning but found to my and that there wasn't enough in the basket to make up a load I'm on top of the washing at last
No other FLYing to do really except to sort through all the wardrobes if I have some time this morning - will see how it goes.

Have a good day all see you later x

SimplySparkling Fri 13-Jul-07 09:07:23

Sorry, I've lost the plot after deliberately misunderstanding one of shouldbe's sentences to glass! I will come back when I can behave myself.

shouldbe Fri 13-Jul-07 09:08:37

SimplySparkling Fri 13-Jul-07 09:12:33


Sorry for lowering the tone. Will go and get showered and dressed and fill the d/w and strip the beds and lots of other stuff as a punishment!

EHM Fri 13-Jul-07 09:42:38

Morning All

jas thanks for the thread. I think the bible is a nice idea too, I also like the idea of a poem that FoeGlassS received. I asked the parents what they where doing for gifts, mum said she was happy to accept anything clothes, vouchers, toys.Another Christening we've been invited too in August have suggested donations to 'Bliss' they have stressed that they don't want gifts
I cheated & used one of Ellie's gift vouchers to buy him a new outfit. I am not religous either so I've no real concept of what people would like. I am of the opinion that any gift regardless of costs should be received gratefully & appreciated. I am always grateful for any gifts Ellie receives.
When she was born my friend from school sent a book about babies with poems & quotes. It made me cry it was so special.
tort hope your lo was up so early this morningLove Norman, he's very big
FoeGlassS hope the cat has evicated the mice from GlassHouse
SimplyS you lower the tone...never
shouldbesorry I too sniggered at the hole thing too

Not done much this morning. Ellie's currently watching Dombie & Kit on Seseame Street. Must get off my lazy arse & get going.
Have a great day all.x.x.

EHM Fri 13-Jul-07 09:43:35

apologies for the long rambling post

ludaloo Fri 13-Jul-07 09:58:34

SS you have really made me laugh!!!

Hello Everyone

Well I have already...

~Unloaded/reloaded D/W
~Put a load in W/M
~Put T/D on
~Cleaned Bathroom
~Picked all the clothes up
~Tidied our bedroom
~Emptied bin in bathroom and in kitchen
~Been to the shop and eaten an Aero

I'm out this afternoon so need to just finish off tidying.

FoeGlassSlipper Fri 13-Jul-07 10:02:20

<<sniggers and runs off to make a cuppa>>

ludaloo Fri 13-Jul-07 10:02:50

oooooh I like today's mission....I might go and do that now...

EHM Fri 13-Jul-07 10:06:09

Morning luda I like the sound of todays mission too & the cling film idea.

ludaloo Fri 13-Jul-07 10:07:59

morning EHM it is a good idea isn't it...I do need to sort the top of the fridge out...I'm too small to reach so I'll get a chair and have a good butchers

ludaloo Fri 13-Jul-07 10:11:50

jas I'm also non religous, I would plump for an outfit like EHM, or a nice book of fairy tales maybe?

julezboo Fri 13-Jul-07 10:15:48

Morning all!!

SB i sniggered too

jas i think the bible idea is a lovely one DS pretty much got the same as all the other presents mentioned.

which does remind me!! I was aiming to have baby's naming ceremony on the 6th August, which is like 2 weeks away havnt even started to organise it so think it will be at a later date now!

Anyway, already been a busy bee this morning

Ive done:
tidy kitchen
1 load of washing, now drying
1 load of washing in the wm
Listed a few things on ebay
general tidy in living room
general tidy in dining room
filled the carboot up with rubbish for the tip
s + s in bathroom
cleared away hallway!

Still to do:
put the rest of the clothes away
sort out DS's wardrobe
lots more to list on ebay
make beds
hoover everywhere (didnt do it yesterday)
sort wet clothes onto maiden
clean car out ready for tomorrow
pack bags for tomorrow!

We are off to ascot in the morning so wont be around at the weekend I will be dressing up posh and getting drunk on free drink and eating yummy food!!

hopefully (still no AF )

I better get on with listing ebay stuff!

love to all xx

ludaloo Fri 13-Jul-07 10:43:43

Hmmm....DD2 has fallen asleep watching The Shiny Show....and I have:

~Made the beds
~Wiped the table down
~Eaten toast
~Picked up all the toys downstairs
~Fed the guinea pigs
~Folded a load of washing up

Off to declutter a bit now....

I can see from here....
* a toilet roll holder
* a hair dryer
* a roll of bin bags
* masking tape
* sun cream (???WTF???)
* Ds's hat
* empty box of tissues
* empty bottle of milkshake

(this is the nightmare that is my living room!)

Jas Fri 13-Jul-07 11:01:49

Thanks for all the ideas
The mum is lovely and wouldn't let me know even if I bought something she hated, but I'd obviously prefer to get something nice. The bookshop I was going to go to isn't open this morning so I will look tomorrow, but I'm liking the Noahs Ark one.


I've been to school to be presented with my "thankyou for coming in to help" card and ds is now asleep so I need to get cracking.

15 mins each in Kitchen, bathroom, sitting room and dining room....will report back at 12.00

Aufish Fri 13-Jul-07 11:05:46

Good morning girls, hope everybody is well.

This morning I have done:

Kids washed, dressed, fed and in school
cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom including all the tiles and floor
washed and dried the breakfast dishes
tidied the kitchen and mopped the floor
put away the ironing from yesterday

This is all done before 8.30m! Was on a roll this morning. Now watching This Morning and am blubbing at the amazing women who swam the Channel. I know I'm a soft spot!

Now I need to hoover up and do a bit more tidying! Will be back later.

Jas Fri 13-Jul-07 11:12:07

still here.
Really am going now though.

bedhed Fri 13-Jul-07 11:16:22

morning all

have not been on for a while, have found a new flat to move in to hopefully by the end of the month. Only down side is its smaller than the place we are in now...

spending all my time trying to declutter. Luckily there is a big charity shop round the corner that specialises in baby stuff!

Place really clean, but only because potential tenants might come round!

My weekend declutter list:
- shoe cupboard (again)
- get garden waste sacks and go down tip
- put some items on freecycle
- box of old files
- clothes. Got so many sitting around.

SimplySparkling Fri 13-Jul-07 11:20:58

at Jas still being here, 11 minutes after saying that she was off to do stuff! I bet you're not still in your pjs, though, are you Jas? Ooops. I have e-mailed more would-be au pairs, though and one has logged onto the website for the first time in days, just minutes after I sent her an e-mail telling her about the horsey stuff she can do in this area. Her profile is 95% about horses and we don't have one, but I have stressed in our profile that we only need a part time au pair and that they could combine being our au pair with studying or another part time job. Sorry. I'm being a bore. It's such a lot of work and all the really good ones are so in demand, you've got to find ones you like and then sell yourself to them unashamedly and send them reminders when they don't respond to e-mails for days/weeks. Will go and get showered now, honest guv.

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