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Very dull I know, but please tell me how to get my shower screen sparkling ....

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sandyballs Mon 09-Jul-07 12:41:01

... it's covered in water marks and soap scum marks and I've recently noticed when taking a pee in someone elses bathroom, that they're shower screens are gleaming and beautiful. What am I doing wrong? Is there a quick effective way to clean them.

sandyballs Mon 09-Jul-07 12:41:23


HuwEdwards Mon 09-Jul-07 12:41:51


nailpolish Mon 09-Jul-07 12:42:10

windowlene to get rid of the stubborn stuff

then thereafter hot water with lemon juice and vinegar, using newspaper to clean

just like yer windows

Furball Mon 09-Jul-07 12:42:57

limelite, wipe on, MN for 10 mins, rinse off. easy peasy

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