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Grocery delivery - Any advice?

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 08-Jul-07 18:21:01

I hate shopping.I currently buy organic meat,fruit,veg and diary from asda but wondered if anyone has it delivered and does it work out a lot more? I was thonking of buying from one of these online organic stores rather than asda who have inflated prices for organic

Any advice ?

BrummieOnTheRun Mon 09-Jul-07 17:09:21

check out and

Both sites allow you to put in your postcode and find local producers and box schemes.

I find just staying out of the supermarket means I save a huge amount of money because I over-shop and impulse buy. My waste has also decreased dramatically.

The best way of doing it, though, is to shop local and shop more frequently.

Convenience of delivery is great, though. You'll need to get creative at times because you have slightly less control over what you get, so batch cooking and googling recipes becomes the norm! That can be fun. Have been mastering quiche this week

If you want to ditch supermarkets for household products and save yourself even more money, try for home delivery of bulky household products (dishwasher gel, washing powder, etc) and alternatives like eco-balls.

I ditched the supermarkets about 6-8 weeks ago and am saving a fortune.

newgirl Mon 09-Jul-07 20:03:55

id recommend ocado for delivery, quality etc

i dont spend as much as i used to as i dont impulse buy

they usually give you 25 voucher for your first shop so it would be well worth giving it a go

Whooosh Mon 09-Jul-07 20:12:09

Anything but Asda-just type WalMart and exploitation into Google and see why.....

BrummieOnTheRun Tue 10-Jul-07 07:42:04

or Tesco:

ammy1 Thu 12-Jul-07 09:47:34

i've saved SO much money since i started shopping on line. i did it at first cos i had no time, but now i have time i have continued because despite the delivery fee (note it is cheaper if you can choose your time mid week) there are often offers and you can look on that offer website... i spend less. i don't impulse buy or over buy or treat myself to stuff i'd never have thought has made me cook more healthily because i have had to plan menus a bit more. all in all brilliant. in the last 6 months since i started this i have been to the supermarket once to look at clothes... to spend the money i'd saved! just kidding...

bozza Thu 12-Jul-07 09:50:03

I used to get an Asda delivery weekly. Now I get a river swale delivery weekly (they have different box types so I can vary things a bit) and an Asda delivery fortnightly, plus a milk delivery daily and then just pick up the other stuff I need.

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