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wooden kitchen floors?

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hex Sat 07-Jul-07 22:07:46

are they they scratch, warp, dent loads - or do people recommend tiles for ease of cleaning?

notasheep Sat 07-Jul-07 22:09:20

I have wooden floor boards in kitchen,look good however dont look very clean!

PeachesMcLean Sat 07-Jul-07 22:11:03

Don't floorboards tend to have gaps between them - lots of lovely crevices for food to get stuck down...

Or do you mean like laminate but proper wood?

hex Sat 07-Jul-07 22:13:19

guess I'm thinking of new solid wood floors which (I hope) would be installed without any gaps...thinking of having underfloor heating but wondering whether this would be problematic too with wood?

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