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Help! My new sofa won't fit....

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ashoesandbagsbird Fri 06-Jul-07 14:15:17

It is one of those corner ones made up in sections. I need to ask if anyone knows of a company anywhere which can reduce the size of one of the sections to make it fit the space. DH measured it wrong and the store won't take it back. So we either need to make one piece smaller or knock a wall down. Either way DH will has made a very expensive mistake.

Twiglett Fri 06-Jul-07 14:18:00

can you not get just that one section remade ..and ask them to do it at cost as a goodwill gesture... I mean the bit that didn't fit

and may I add .. what an eejit

WingsofanAngel Fri 06-Jul-07 14:25:12

What is the structure of the underneath if it has metal rods these can be shortened.

Looks like DH will have to buy you a bigger house for the sofa to fit in

ashoesandbagsbird Sat 07-Jul-07 17:43:47

Lol Wings. Unfortunately it was moving that got us in this pickle! In no hurry to do it again.

Not looked at the structure yet. I think the problem will be reducing the seat cushions not necessarily the frame.

I contacted DFS and got a standard response of 'contact a local upholsterer' Not exactly helpful. So I think a goodwill gesture is very unlikely. They've had my money, won't take it back and don't give a sh!t now.

So the next question is....anyone know a good upholsterer in the Manchester area?

MummyPenguin Sat 07-Jul-07 20:26:46

These companies can be very fickle. We've had a wrangle with Land Of Leather which has turned into a right palaver, and currently we haven't got a sofa. Shall I tell you? It's a bit of a long story. Oh bugger, here goes:

We ordered a leather suite in the Easter sale, and when it arrived there was a small hole in the side of the 3 seater. DH noticed it straight away and made a note of it on the delivery form so that the company would know it was there on arrival. The company's policy is to repair rather than replace. I know. Anyway, they sent out a laughingly called 'Leather Medic' to assess it, and he said he could do a good repair, but DH quite rightly insisted on a replacement,as he said, he'd bought a new suite not a repaired one. The Leather Medic had to write a report to Land of Leather. There was a bit of a delay while nothing happened. In the meantime DH decided that he really didn't like this suite and had noticed another couple of minor faults with it. Eventually we got a letter from LOL giving us three options: accept the repair, cancel the whole order and have a refund or re-order another suite. We went for the re-order option and spent a bit more money and got a better quality suite. However, LOL collected our faulty one soon after our new order was placed. Leaving us without one. That may have been partly our fault, as we still had our old one in the garage, and told them we had one we could use while we were waiting for our new one. On reflection, if we'd pushed it, we may have been able to keep the faulty one until they delivered our new one. Anyway, it's been a right palaver.

ashoesandbagsbird Sat 07-Jul-07 21:19:09

What a nightmare MummyP. I bet you have to wait 12 weeks for the new one too.

I've had a CSL sofa before and was much more impressed than with DFS. It was better quality

MummyPenguin Sun 08-Jul-07 14:28:21

Yes, we ordered the replacement one about a month ago, and they've said it should be delivered the first week of August. We've been sitting on dining chairs, and watching telly upstairs on the bed!! It will seem like luxury to have a suite again!

user1473837692 Wed 14-Sep-16 08:36:47

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