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Flying Resolutions for the Fledglings

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HillsBesideTheSea Tue 01-Jan-19 01:16:25

Ok. 1st of January.

It's a long running thread, but we like new people. Just be aware if we seem cliquey it is simply because some of us have known each other for many mumble mumble years.

Respect. We won't tell you what you are doing wrong if you don't tell us. hint if you tell us we are doing it wrong we will tell you you are wrong

Babysteps. If you are new start here. If you dropped off the fly wagon, start here. Basically start here.

Missions. Do these, if you start with the babysteps you will end up doing these during the course of the month.

Decluttering - you can't clean clutter. But experience has shown that fly lady is good for routines but there are other methods that work better for decluttering. Feel free to mix and match.

Emails - feel free sign up to them. Most of us don't because there can be a lot, ergo whilst you are welcome to sign up for them; we don't generally recommend it. especially as one of the babysteps is to delete them anyway

Linkies. We will be linking to the launch pad from there you can get to babysteps, missions, flight plans etc etc. Be aware that some don't update until the date that they are on (eg looking at the links before midnight on Monday will not show the information for Tuesday iyswim)

HillsBesideTheSea Tue 01-Jan-19 01:16:37

I think that pretty much summarises it. I could use words and fluff it out but I have a sore arm after a pinch punch first of the month from ds went wrong. Oh and tomorrow is a Bank holiday, focus on family fun and maybe perhaps maybe do babystep 1 and shine your sink...

For those of you will little children, I hope that your day is a gentle on you as you need. Tbh I hope it is a gentle a day tomo as possible even if you don't have little kids.

launch pad is here

<wanders off swing a feather duster, muttering about dead spider bodies left on walls>

Cagliostro Tue 01-Jan-19 01:22:43

Heyheyhey happy new year fledglings. Thanks for thread, and to stressy for December! What a month that was, couldn’t have got through it without you lot.

Cagletini still wide awake wandering around with a bit of burger from a very late dinner.

Woman huge hugs.

SassitudeandSparkle Tue 01-Jan-19 01:26:23

Also signing in for the new year, looking forward to meeting up with old and new fledglings and ready to enforce order on my house in 2019!

MsForestier Tue 01-Jan-19 02:02:34

I can see cobwebs in my ceilings <takes off glasses for all of 2019>

MercuryRising Tue 01-Jan-19 02:08:17

Happy new year fledglings! Dc4 has just turned 8 weeks so I feel I may be ready to return some gentle flying and try to establish some order and routine.

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 01-Jan-19 04:46:08

Welcome back mercury at 8weeks I expect high levels of hanging in the naughty corner<adds comfy chair by the fire>
Cag hope a lay in is in order with cagletini
Hills thanks for shiny new thread
Forestier why didn't I think to just take off glasses?I am like Velma from scooby doo without them so house would look seriously less cluttered!grin
<Waves to all fledglings>

Well as predicted dd2 braces had us awake.i dozed after 1 ISH ,she plugged into new laptop watching episodes favourite TV 330 she was wide awake still.430 start to doze.took laptop once she had turned it off.cant close mouth comfortably at mo and snoring at roadwork drill pitch!!I foresee high possibility of daytime nap or early night!!

Slightlycoddled Tue 01-Jan-19 06:55:09

Good morning all! Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for shiny new thread Hills. January can be very full on so here's a halo for you!

And for a splendid December one Toostressy (Hope you recover quickly from your cold!)

Thinking of you Woman take it steady X

Ditto what Cag said about the thread! And very kind of you all to put up with my whinging grin

Happy Hogmanay Festive! Have a good one!

Many congratulations Mercury! flowers bear flowers

Waves to Sass Honu Bower Meet Zoo and all fledglings; so sorry, no time to mention everyone else as have to rush and muck out horse/make a cake/clean house by 11am when neighbour will be dropping by!

Tally-hooooo one and all and here's to decluttered and ship-shape homes in 2019!

MeetOnTheSIedge Tue 01-Jan-19 07:21:07

Morning all, just got up and fed cats, put in DW, now heading back to bed for a bit.

MeetOnTheSIedge Tue 01-Jan-19 07:21:31

Put on DW I mean. I didn't put cats in DW!

W0MANlikeME Tue 01-Jan-19 07:24:15

Poor 🐱

Happy new year all

Dc4 did not get the memo to have a lie in ......

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 01-Jan-19 08:24:07

woman please tell me Peppa pig hasn't featured in your morning already?<passes bacon butty>
Lil zoo saw new year in bastarding firework all evening,then super loud midnight til 1230. She is also up

Cats here are fed,none in dishwashergrin

foxessocks Tue 01-Jan-19 08:25:10

Happy new year everyone! Just signing in!

Currently having a stand off with ds about putting his nappy on. Not much changes here!

W0MANlikeME Tue 01-Jan-19 08:32:19

Yes we have seen Peppa already, also Fireman Sam and Blaze 😐 we have also had a tantrum over jelly beans

I've put the washer on, who else is rebelling?

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 01-Jan-19 08:48:26

I can't woman it's so deeply ingrained will wash away the luck for the year!!<sternly glares at laundry pile>

W0MANlikeME Tue 01-Jan-19 08:50:41

Ah well its already done here

I had been doing it for years until someone you zoo? told me about it, hopefully i wont be cursed

MogTheSleepyCat Tue 01-Jan-19 09:14:12

<yawns> morning all.

Checking in to the new thread and firmly aligning myself with Woman - laundry stops for nothing and no-one....

Fed cats and DS
Dishwasher emptied (mercifully no cats inside)

Off to the sofa now with coffee and latest GRRM book

Shannaratiger Tue 01-Jan-19 09:20:36

Morning all
Happy New Year

Hills thanks for taking on January's thread.
Cag Hope Cagletini settled down eventually.
Sparkle welcome back I keep trying to get back on the FLYing wagon.
Forestier Always try and ignore ceilings and skirting boards.
Mercury 8 weeks great age I was just starting to feel settled by then as well, although was a long time ago!
Zoo Hope Dd2 gets used to the braces soon and normal sleep returns.
SC hope 2019 is a good year and you have recovered from all your guests, except for your neighbour's visit. hmm
Women take it steady and defrazzle. Dd15 was up at 6am as always.

Hi everyone I haven't mentioned.

To Do
Put washing on
Take down christmas decs and put straight away!
Vacuum stairs and landing.

Have a good day everyone

CamperWidow Tue 01-Jan-19 09:45:57

Good morning all!
Today I've actually got an appetite, first time I've felt hungry since boxing day! Bet I don't lose any weight tho! 😆
So, I need to:
Take decs down
Washing (I know but I'm prepared to risk it!)
Try and get to the shop
Sort kids toys out
Run hoover round

I'll be more than happy with that! 😆

Cagliostro Tue 01-Jan-19 10:21:06

I’m quite happy with the excuse not to do any laundry.

SassitudeandSparkle Tue 01-Jan-19 10:21:52

Only got out of bed about half an hour ago, DH and DD have gone out for an hour, will have a light breakfast and clear up properly from last night's celebrations.

Also - set up diary, calendar and habit trackers/bullet journal-type lists
Menu plan - back to the healthy eating, DH has actually put a little weight on for the first time in months.
Coffee. Lots of coffee.
Clean all the things while the enthusiasm lasts grin

Catch you later!

HillsBesideTheSea Tue 01-Jan-19 10:29:23

So 2019 has got off to a great start. Insomnia kicked my butt and I was awake til 4 (possibly 5 I lost track of time) I am now awake. Basically I could have prevented this by taking some pain killers at midnight hmm

To do list
finish a wip
open text books and study
pull out journal and start it
put in online orders
pack for ds' going away again
clothes away - both mine and ds'
rescue remaining washing from ds' room
rescue washing up

Let's be honest pain levels are super high today, and I will be lucky to achieve the realistic list. zoo may pain killers provide some relief for dd2
Woman brew
SC more guests?! when do the guests stop?

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 01-Jan-19 10:37:13

Mainlining ibuprofen/paracetamol hillsshe's not great with pain<sigh>gingerly had well mushed oatbix.mash with cheese planned for her lunch and soup for dinner.glad she had laptop for xmas.least she's entertained not climbing on me...

MeetOnTheSIedge Tue 01-Jan-19 10:46:14

Well, just for once I managed to get back to sleep which feels great after months on end of waking early for no reason.

We have had overnight guests who have just left so I really need to change beds and wash sheets, I never knew about the bad luck thing till last year so I'm going to risk it. Back at work tomorrow again so I need to keep on top.

Hills thank you for taking on January thread leading, hope the pain eases off today.

I need a to do list too.

Change beds
Work out what day the bin collection will be
Paperwork, emails have spiralled out of control.
Lists - update bullet journal. I had been thinking of starting a new book now but am going to let the old one fill up first instead.
General tidying - there are still presents scattered about in corners. Decorations stay up till 12th Night though, I hate how bare the house looks when they come down.

Stilllivinginazoo Tue 01-Jan-19 11:03:45

meet mine doesn't look bare,more less cluttered after decs come downblush
<Sees need for this thread this year,and promises to really work on the decluttering phase now zoolets bit older and have less toys>

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