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Bit embarassing but is the Anthea Turner book any good for helping get organised?

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Pannacotta Thu 21-Jun-07 23:01:35

My house looks like a permanent bomb site, full of toys/clutter etc....
Saw a couple of her shows on TV and thought she had good ideas re storage etc.
Anyone have the book and think its worth getting?

moondog Thu 21-Jun-07 23:03:06

I'll sum up whatever the book says for free and in about 10 seconds.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

If you don't need it get rid of it


Pannacotta Thu 21-Jun-07 23:07:27

very succint moondog!

moondog Thu 21-Jun-07 23:07:51

My house is damned tidy too.

Pannacotta Thu 21-Jun-07 23:24:57

Is that pre or post reading the Anthea Domestic Goddess bible?!

moondog Fri 22-Jun-07 07:39:16

Pre. I've never read it or seen it.

quokka Fri 22-Jun-07 07:43:44

Pannacotta yes there are a few good ideas in there. I got it for the homemade old fashioned cleaning recipes, wanted to stop buying nasty chemicals and go green.

Pannacotta Fri 22-Jun-07 11:37:15

Was thinking the same quokka as lots of ezcma in my family so try to avoid strong chemicals etc. Do the recipes work?

quokka Fri 22-Jun-07 11:57:39

they do but its not as quick as say cillit bang (spelling?) and you need a bit of elbow grease. I just got fed up spending so much money on various different things. You can get borax from boots, you need that for her grease buster. I would give you some of the recipes but my copy is on a container somewhere in some ocean on its way to s'pore. Should invest in some ecloths as well - they are fab and washable

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