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~~~~***Thursday Fly***~~~~

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Aufish Thu 21-Jun-07 07:11:29

Good morning all, today I have a few things to do, but it is mainly a pampering day for me as I'm off to a wedding tomorrow and there is alot that I need to do! Also need to sort out his suit.

I will be back later with my list.

glitterfairy Thu 21-Jun-07 07:22:45

Morning aufish. Have a wonderful papmering day. I am starting to sort my house today but am also going for coffee with a friend later. I am moving in a month so need to start getting ready.

Jas Thu 21-Jun-07 07:54:35


MorningAufish and glitter

My plan for today was toddler group and housework, burt ds is snotty and my friend that I go to tg with is ill, so looks like I'll be here all day.

ludalooI hope your ds is ok today, and you can sort the nursery out tomorrow. IMO lots of difficult children is less of a reason to shout, not more[s=angry]

I loved you listlast night bewliderbeast. Did you get it all done?

GlassSlipper Thu 21-Jun-07 08:26:19

Morning all.

Early start again today

Did the bedside table last night [swot]

Off out swimming this morning and then pre-school committee stuff in the afternoon.

If you havent done so already clear away breakfast, load your dishwasher, and work out what you are having for tea

SimplySparkling Thu 21-Jun-07 08:35:54

Hello to all.

I hope your pampering day is lovely Aufish.

gf Good luck with starting to get ready for the house move.

Jas Thanks for the link. I've just taken a look.

Glasss Sorry to hear you've had such an early start. It really is tough, isn't it? Not that I can really remember too much, 12 yrs on but I do remember it being hard, tiring work being awake at night and early in the morning. I've cleared the brekkie things, have loaded the d/w and worked out what is for tea!

I'm going to make a list and come back.

Madwelshwoman Thu 21-Jun-07 09:54:48

Morning all

Been off the wagon for a few weeks now, really busy in work but back on track. Main effort for today is food shopping and try to catch the little mouse that my darling cats appear to have brought in and is now living somewhere in my lounge!!! Not scared of them but cannot have that lurking around my lounge

Jas Thu 21-Jun-07 10:26:49

OK. I will be in and out all day trying to keep myself motivated.
Thanks for the job list Glass
Breakfast things
Dishwasher - haven't got one. Washing up in sink
Plan tea. -done

I will go and do those bits then come back with a proper list for today.

Good luck with the mouse hunt MWW

Jas Thu 21-Jun-07 11:17:19

So far my plan isn't working.
It is now revised to doing very small bursts of activity, with longer periods of cuddling miserable teething Boy.

Washing is on line, most of washing up done.

yaddayah Thu 21-Jun-07 11:57:39

Howdie Doodily Doo Dangily Doo
Welcome back madwelshwoman*
enjoy the pampering
jas hope teething ds is better/happier soon
glass have loaded dishwasher, and dinner is salmon with salad and new potatoes
glitter better start packing soon !!

Back from ds's school fun run .. was manic but very sweet

Just sorting out my online food delivery, need to sort out a few hotspots that seem to have appeared overnight, and today is ironing day (been a bit lax as DH away so don't have to worry about work shirts

Dd off to nursery soon , then really need to sort stuff out


EHM Thu 21-Jun-07 12:59:02

Hiya All
bewilderbeast love your list from yesterday.
aufish enjoy your pampering day
GF enjoy coffee with your friend
jas hope ds is better soon
luda I hope your ds is ok after yesterday
yadd love the greeting today
GS enjoy swimming, sorry about the early start
<waves> tosimplys
Hello to madwelshwomen

Done so far
breakfast me & dd
dress me & dd
take dd swimming at 930 to be told pool not available until 1015.Told this after undressing myself & ellie Went to cafe had drink
then went swimming.
load, run & empty dw
shower me & dress
s & s bathroom
s & s downstairs loo
make bed
change curtain in livingroom
lunch me
general tidy downstairs

Must dash will be back Ellie is waking from her nap.

GlassSlipper Thu 21-Jun-07 13:42:22

yaddah - can i come to yours for tea?

Now all go and do a 2 minute hotspot

Do you like me bossing you about?

Jas Thu 21-Jun-07 13:45:03


I need telling what to do

ds is asleep so I can get a bit more done. I have tidied the dining room and bathroom, this mornings washing up is finally done, bathroom is sparkling.

i will check the mission when I've done my 2 mins

ludaloo Thu 21-Jun-07 14:26:13

Morning All

I have been out and about all morning.

Tort Thank you Bumble arrived safe and sound this morning DD2 currently has it!

Simply Thanks for your advise you can always put things so well. I have made sure it doesn't sound too offensive.

Thankyou to ALL Ds seems non the wiser today....we will see how he is in the morning.

Aufish hope you have a good day!
Hope you ALL had a good morning at swimming and toddler groups tec

Jas Thu 21-Jun-07 14:31:19

ludaloo - I've had a look and I've already got rid of the stuff I thought I'd got.Blame FLYlady and her telling us to clear out that clutter. Pre FLY it would've been under the bed for years.

I've got a few t shirts if you want though

SimplySparkling Thu 21-Jun-07 14:41:43

Hello to all.

<<waves back>> to EHM

luda I'm very critical of my own writing; both handwriting and content so thanks for the compliment. Once I know if Jas wants any thing from my list and take it out, I could arrange for us to meet up (at my house, if you've got the car now?) and you could go through the bags, perhaps? I could also check with my sister if she has any clothes that size though she's an excellent FLYer so, like Jas, may well have found them a new home already.

Glasss Boss away, it does me good!

Jas Thu 21-Jun-07 15:43:03

Sorry SS I will have a proper look tonight. I tried to print it out yesterday and my printer is out of ink, so I'll have to do it at the comp.

grouchyoscar Thu 21-Jun-07 16:05:22

Hello again to All

Had a long lie in today (DH took Ed to school) so I could get started in my own time. still done a fair bit though

Up, washed and dressed
S&S loo
S&S bathroom
Empty upstairs bins and put out
Make and eat my breakfast
Empty WM
Peg out washing
Empty DW
Put away
Reload DW (note to DH...those DW tabs are rubbish)
Make Lunch
Collect DS
Home and lunch
Back to school
Do Reading Friends session
Take DS to Stay and Play at the Children's centre
Bring washing in
Change DS from uniform
Load wm and run
Put wet washing in TD and run

Now it's PC time for both me and DS

DS off nursery tomorrow (INSET day) and DH to 5 as side then pub after so I'm a single mum for the day. Time to get the book made. (yesterday the snail house got 2 new inmates, one is a baby and Ed has called it Chocolate so better add them to the book)

Yaddah I've frozen the radishes as they can be defrosted, grated and added to salad/sandwiches or soup. Didn't want a radish frenzy for the next week!

Hope all are well
Empty compost caddy to compost bin

yaddayah Thu 21-Jun-07 17:22:51

Good list grouchy !

hrumph have eaten too much (made a lot just in case glass popped in ..) i waited where were you ???

I also never knew you could freeze radishes !

MIL dropped in, she's bought some bubble mixture for the bubble machine so dc's ran around manically for an hour

Just had a general tidy up
Will do the ironing tonight during big brother.. or might just plonk myself on the sofa with the wine chilling in the fridge

Have a good night all

GlassSlipper Thu 21-Jun-07 17:42:58

sorry yaddah....been to town to get DD1's hair cut.

yaddayah Thu 21-Jun-07 17:46:04

you are forgiven

tortoise Thu 21-Jun-07 19:40:43

Hi all.
Nothing much to say today! Not much done even though it needs to be done!
I did put lots of weashing away though.

LudaGlad he arrived.
GF Good luck with the move. Thats one good way to de-clutter!

Jas Fri 22-Jun-07 06:16:39


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