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~~~~~ Wednesday FLY ~~~~~

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Jas Wed 20-Jun-07 06:54:11


Jas Wed 20-Jun-07 06:55:41

An extra post so I know which thread to come back to later....

Jas Wed 20-Jun-07 06:55:41

An extra post so I know which thread to come back to later....

GlassSlipper Wed 20-Jun-07 08:01:54

Morning all. Out most of day so wont do much but i;ll try and do mission later,

EHM Wed 20-Jun-07 08:05:26

Morning Jas, thanks for the threads

Done so far:
breakfast dd
wash & dress dd
s & s kitchen, empty/bleach bin

To do:
breakfast me
shower & dress me
s & s bathroom
s & s downstairs loo
general tidy downstairs
baby signing
hoover upstairs
ironing on list from yesterday
fold & put away clothes washed yesterday on drier & don't need ironing
clean couches

I know theres more for the list I think about it & add later
Have a good day all.x

EHM Wed 20-Jun-07 08:06:00

Morning GS have a good day.

grouchyoscar Wed 20-Jun-07 09:12:45

Morning Jas GS and EHM and a <<Big huge Grouchy wave>> to every one else.

Been rather busy recently and haven't had much PC time. Sunday I was superFly lady and cleaned the cat litter (even washed the trays) and cleaned out the oven...all before lunch!

So how are all you good ladies? Hope all are well and DC's are thriving. Hope I haven't missed anything <<Nosey Parker Emoticon>>

Belated hugs to all xxx

purpleturtle Wed 20-Jun-07 09:26:49


Am having a good FLY day so far, so I dare to venture onto the thread.

So far, have cleared away breakfast
2nd load of laundry in machine
s&s bathroom
5 minutes in kids' room (I still can't get over the difference I can make in 5 minutes!)
sorted hotspot by PC
tidied board games pile down side of sofa

To do:
shopping list
wipe out fridge
make lasagne for tea
today's mission
baby card for a friend
ring schools in Nottingham
hang out laundry

see you later.

EHM Wed 20-Jun-07 09:27:27

<waves> back to grouchy glad to see ya! All well here, just getting ready to watch dombie & kit.Hows ds coming along?

EHM Wed 20-Jun-07 09:28:11

Hello to purpleturtle

EHM Wed 20-Jun-07 09:31:24

Done so far:
breakfast dd
wash & dress dd
s & s kitchen, empty/bleach bin
load & run dw
breakfast me
shower & dress me
s & s bathroom
make bed & cot

To do:
s & s downstairs loo
general tidy downstairs
baby signing
hoover upstairs
ironing on list from yesterday
fold & put away clothes washed yesterday on drier & don't need ironing
clean couches

off to watch sesame street will ellie.x

ludaloo Wed 20-Jun-07 09:38:58

Morning ladies

Hi grouchy

Well my list today....

~Hoover upstairs
~Tidy round
~Clean the George Forman
~Empty D/W

SS (long stretch I'm sure) you don't happen to have any 5-6 yr girls clothes lurking anywhere??

Well better get on

grouchyoscar Wed 20-Jun-07 10:00:25

Hi EHM and Ellie

DS is going great guns. He's obsessed by the Leap Frog Talking words DVDs at the moment, which isn't a bad thing really. We are harvesting his radishes today when he gets home this aft.

Oh, he's got (another) new snail. He's called this one Mog. Patch, Austin and Spot are doing well too. DH suggested that we release them soon. I know we should eventually so We are going to make a book aboout them. I've written the text and taken loads of photos of them and Ed will always have a memento of his mollusc keeping

BTW, done very little this morning

Up, wake DS
S&S bathroom
Make ds bed, draw curtains
Down with laundry and load WM
Make healthy breakfast and eat
Lay out Ds's uniform
Empty Dws and put away
Load DW again
Wave off DS to school
Clean loo
Check online banking

Will do more later

yaddayah Wed 20-Jun-07 10:10:12

Morning chucky eggs !

Off out shopping this morning
Dh is away all week and I have a joint credit card

mwah ha ha ha !

House is immaculate [preen]

Guess I know now who makes the mess

EHM Wed 20-Jun-07 10:24:55

Hi luda*
great to hear
yadd chucky eggs made me not heard for a long time. enjoy spending on the CC, hehe

We off to Baby Signing will be back. Laters.x

Aufish Wed 20-Jun-07 10:28:47

Good morning everybody! Am feeling abit better today and I have sorted my head out.

My done list:

Cleaned both bathrooms
4 kids all in school
1 load of washing
1 load of drying
Been to the post office

My to do list:

Hoovering, mop the floors, dusting
washing and drying up
clean the hob, got some grease on it, I hate cleaning grease!
Clean out the fridge
Make the beds

Well, I had better go and get on with it all and get off MN otherwise it won't be done!

ludaloo Wed 20-Jun-07 10:45:29

Hi EHM, yadd
and Aufish (glad you are feeling better today)

~Hoover upstairs
~Tidy round doing
~Clean the George Forman
~Washing load on
~Empty D/W

Bit slow today......may go and set my timer for 15 mins to give myself a boost. DD2 is being as clingy as heck!! Won't let me do anything!!

Right off to hoover.

ludaloo Wed 20-Jun-07 11:08:39

Ahhh there we go...Its amazing how motivating a little timer can be!!!

I managed
~To hoover upstairs
~Empty bin in bathroom
~Put a pile of clothes away

Off to pick DS up from nursery now. Will do some more 15 minute bursts on the downstairs then

purpleturtle Wed 20-Jun-07 11:46:10

To do:
shopping list done
shopping done
wipe out fridge done
make lasagne for tea
today's mission done
baby card for a friend
ring schools in Nottingham done (am now a bit freaked out - looks like dd could be going from an 11 class infant school to a 2 class infant school. eeek.)
hang out laundry done

Have purchased some nasty oven cleaner spray to try to shift some of the build-up in the oven. It's disgusting, and I'm sure some of it predates us (and we've been here 16 months )

Jas Wed 20-Jun-07 11:47:02

Morning all, good to see Grouchy and purpleturtle again(you can come when you aren't having a good FLyday and let us kick you, you know, PT)

I will go and dig out my unfinished list from yesterdays thread in a bit.

Ludaloo I may have some5-6 girls clothes, I'll have a look for you. (SS' list was mostly bigger stuff. A few 6-7 but nothing smaller)

After the school run I went shopping, had a key cut, cooked 12 buns,2 veg lasagnes, 2 meat lasagnes and some spag bol before I allowed myself back on mn

No housework done yet though, and I'm going out this afternoon, so I'll pop back when I've tidied and cleaned downstairs.

Jas Wed 20-Jun-07 11:48:38

purpleturtle Take the nasty spray back and get Oven Pride. I have no idea what is in it but it doesn't smell, and really cleans the oven with no effort

ludaloo Wed 20-Jun-07 12:37:10

Thank you Jas

I'm very and now. Picked up DS from nursery and he was upset He said his teacher had shouted at him because he didn't want to dance. Yesterday he said she had shouted because he didn't say his flash cards loud enough
I know he can be stubborn at times, but overall he is a good lad. I have had terrible trouble dropping him off in the mornings, he cries and holds my leg and I have to prise him off and run!
He is 3 FGS! Encouragement might get him to dance but shouting will just make him cry to come home!!! I have written in his contact book
I knew something was wrong as he gets histerical at the mere thought of going to nursery just lately.
The nursery helper is a friend of mine, and when I asked her she confirmed he had been shouted at and he had cried for me She gave him a hug and he was ok but the leader still made him dance.
I don't want to leave him there anymore!

gibberish Wed 20-Jun-07 12:40:05

Morning ladies Well afternoon actually...

Horseriding lessons cancelled today so got a free day!!

Things done:

Cleaned upstairs bathroom
Emptied bins
One load of washing finished
Generally tidied up
Cleared out under my bed (ouch)
Cleared out the bottom of my wardrobe (double ouch)

Still to:

Do two more loads of washing
Dry and put away clothes
Do ironing (managing to keep on top of this)
Clean downstairs bathroom
Wipe tops of doors/windows in bedroom
Go through underwear drawer (another groan)
Sort out shoes (groan groan groan groan)
Take loads of stuff to tip/recycling plant - I'm never away from the place!
Go shopping
Sure there is more than this.

Off to gym tonight.

ludaloo Wed 20-Jun-07 12:41:01

....and the flashcard thing makes me even more ....he has to say them in Welsh!! He doesn't speak any welsh at all other than at nursery so no wonder he is a bit shy when it comes to saying them in front of everyone!

gibberish Wed 20-Jun-07 12:41:07

Aw luda, how awful. Will you complain? And do you have to send him to that nursery? Poor little thing.

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