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Slugs, IN MY LIVING ROOM!!! <faint>

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NBuGgeration Tue 19-Jun-07 08:41:22



and Oh yeah


I have never ever in my whole life seen a slug as long and fat as this slimey beast.

How do i get rid of it, or better still, how do i stop it coming in!!!!

PigeonPie Tue 19-Jun-07 08:46:22

Poor you, but if you can see it, at least you can pick it up in some kitchen towel and chuck it out.

We've got an illusive one in our dining room which I can't catch, just see it's trails in the morning. It's horrid. Got through the vent in the bottom of our patio doors when DS decided to fiddle with it and now I don't know where it's hiding.

Any other ideas welcome

I hate slugs

NBuGgeration Tue 19-Jun-07 08:49:04

I've seen the trails for a while now but I put them down to dog dribble lol!

I didnt actually pick it up because I wanted to see if I could find where it was this morning.
Obviously it isnt there.
But I have noticed a patch of carpet that has been lifted a bit under the window so I think its getting in there.

All I can think of doing it putting a load of salt down.

Rosa Tue 19-Jun-07 08:52:57

Few slug pellets on tinfoil down at night. easy to remove before dc's have access...keep any domestic pets out of the way as well !!
Slugs love animal food dog / cat food - the tinned variety. They can be attracted by that as well.
Salt only good if you throw it on them or you can be sure they will slide over it !!

gingerninja Tue 19-Jun-07 08:56:42

Put a bowl of beer down. Honestly, it'll trap them although I'm sure there will be others to come along and replace them because for everyone we kill the slug god plants another 10 on this earth.

We had this problem, discovered they were getting in under the back door. Honestly they must have had to flatten themselves almost transparent to get through. Anyway, we put a strip of copper foil over the step and they stopped. Have you got floor boards? They couldbe coming up through them too.

NBuGgeration Tue 19-Jun-07 09:01:30

Yes under the carpet is really old floorboards and there are gaps all over in them.
Its only been carpeted for 3 months and we hardly use the room lol.

colditz Tue 19-Jun-07 09:04:34

Oh my fkn god how could you put that in the title thread?

Oh you might have trodden on it, there might be millions of them swarming about under th carpet ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrhhhhh!

NBuGgeration Tue 19-Jun-07 09:07:23

OMG dont say that!

Just leave me to think theres just one great big fat one.

gingerninja Tue 19-Jun-07 09:11:03

First of all I read it as SLUTS, in my living room. Thought it was the kind of house my DH would like to visit.

bogie Tue 19-Jun-07 09:12:54

this used to happen in our old house we used to put trays of salt outside the vents because thats where they were getting in hth

NBuGgeration Tue 19-Jun-07 09:13:20



suedonim Tue 19-Jun-07 09:46:05

ROFL @ thought of swarming sluts.

Nip Tue 19-Jun-07 09:55:31

Unless you have actually seen a slug, theres a good chance that it isnt and it is in fact a silverfish... i remember having them at my parents house

PigeonPie Tue 19-Jun-07 10:21:17

Silverfish certainly don't leave the sorts of trails we've been getting. Tried salt along the door frame so it couldn't get in and it just crawled round and round the window!

NBuGgeration Tue 19-Jun-07 10:25:37

Nope, I saw it.

Thought one of the dogs had done a turd

hippipotami Tue 19-Jun-07 11:43:19

okay, am getting scared now, what is a silverfish? please don't tell me there are more creepy slug like creatures on this earth?

We once had a slug'farm' behind our kitchen units. Every morning there would be tens of baby slugs everywhere. Urgh....

Too creepy for words....

NBuGgeration Tue 19-Jun-07 11:46:21

eurghhh, thats revolting!

silverfish are tiny little things that come out at night, are attracted by damp and\look like very tiny fish.
About half cm in size. Really small.

jj131 Tue 03-Jul-07 15:44:54

we had slug after slug after slug in our london mews house. slugs shouldn't be running rampant in the city, but it seems that they are.

iwouldgoouttonight Tue 03-Jul-07 16:05:23

Slugs came into the living room in my last house - I put slug powder outside along the edge of the wall to stop them coming in - seemed to work.

I actually discovered them the morning after a friend had slept over on a futon in the living room - there were slimy trails all around it and a massive slug underneath when I folded it back up!

HAMPSHIRENAN Thu 21-Jul-16 14:19:08

I joined Mumsnet especially to tell you how we dealt with slugs which were coming into out conservatory every night. We tried everything - salt, beer copper tape etc. We have found a solution to this. Despite not being able to find where the slugs are getting in we have found a good way of stopping them. We put four night lights on to a extension post - plugged it into the electric point. Thet lights come on when it gets dark and go off in the morning. No more slugs! Brilliant. Hope this helps

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