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cleaning agencies in London (central - west): any recommendations?

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Bink Sun 17-Jun-07 17:13:27

Any recommendations?

We are looking to employ a new cleaner (not through an agency - for the long term we need to have someone we get to know personally) but in the meantime we need a weekend team for a one-off thorough clean. Does anyone have any suggestions? (I've looked on gumtree, by the way, and it's difficult to tell which advertisers are reliable.)


Bink Mon 18-Jun-07 11:43:11

bump for Monday morning please?

Earlybird Mon 18-Jun-07 12:06:02

Hi Bink - I've never used them, but this agency advertises in the local area 'freebie' mags quite prominently - so maybe worth a call?

Another alternative might be to speak toest ate agents who manage rental flats. They employ professional teams who clean flats before/after tenants and could probably pass on contact details.

Earlybird Mon 18-Jun-07 12:08:33

Hmmm - typing reminds me of cod....of course I meant estate agents

Bink Mon 18-Jun-07 15:45:46

Hi there EB! - thank you for taking pity on me

I will follow up your leads. Thanks again!

Earlybird Wed 20-Jun-07 06:39:30

Bink - glad to be of help. Let me know if you have any luck with the agency, as it would be great to have that resource for a periodic 'deep' spring clean.

Will email later today about other things, as want to ensure time doesn't slip away.

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