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FLY ladies, I desperately need your help, how to clean a lino floor with really ingrained grime?

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littlelapin Thu 14-Jun-07 11:50:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nearlythere Thu 14-Jun-07 11:56:05

can you beg borrow or steal a steam cleaner from anywhere? i was amazed at what colour our utility room was after it had been 'steamed'

yaddayah Thu 14-Jun-07 12:03:50

If the flash isn't working , i'd try hot soapy water and a good scrub with a mop

failing that bleach solution (50/50)but make sure you open the windows


yaddayah Thu 14-Jun-07 12:08:49

Just thought
If its really ingrained, what sort of flash are you using ? The old style powders need rinsing afterwards, otherwise you're just leaving a sticky floor so get more dirt ground in

i really need to get a life ...
and clean my floor

nearlythere Thu 14-Jun-07 12:13:55

bio washing powder can work wonders- but i'd be tempted to do the hands and knees scrubbing- hopefully you'd do it once, realise how gorgeous your floor is and keep it wonderfully spotless!!!

littlelapin Thu 14-Jun-07 12:21:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Daddster Thu 14-Jun-07 13:28:26

We've recently been given a block of "It Works" and it cleans anything. It's bizarre stuff and you need quite a few blocks to clean anything large, but it even took the sticky tar-like stuff off our old pans which we assumed had become chemically-bonded to the metal.

It even took trodden-in crayon out of the carpet!!

Not sure how to get hold of it - MIL bought it off QVC and though I hate shopping channels with a passion, it looks like it's the only place you can get it in the UK link to QVC .

Rosa Thu 14-Jun-07 13:30:40

Steamer Steamer ..Fab thing gets dirt off everthing.
I borrowed a neighbours as bit costly to buy.

littlelapin Thu 14-Jun-07 14:21:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rosa Thu 14-Jun-07 14:26:38

steamer has a great attachment that zaps out the cra*p in teh oven and you just wipe it away... Can you tell I liked the steamer?

Daddster Thu 14-Jun-07 14:37:31

At the risk of being labelled a Marigold, just out of interest with the steamer thing, does it do the same thing if you leave a bowl of water in the oven, max the temperature, then wipe it out?

Daddster Thu 14-Jun-07 14:39:36

I mean "wipe around inside the oven" rather than wipe it out in the Darth Sidious sense...

littlelapin Thu 14-Jun-07 14:44:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

willywonka Thu 14-Jun-07 14:46:36

Sounds simple, and would need doing by hand, but bicarb and a damp sponge can do an incredible job.

littlelapin Thu 14-Jun-07 14:48:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

willywonka Thu 14-Jun-07 14:49:14


nearlythere Thu 14-Jun-07 14:49:58

get a steamer from graded electricals on ebay- they are fab! i goit thge vax one- it gets used constantly by everyone!

nearlythere Thu 14-Jun-07 14:50:50

god- i'm turning into cod!
must practice typing with long nails!

littlelapin Thu 14-Jun-07 16:05:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nearlythere Thu 14-Jun-07 16:13:03

it will shock and amaze you!

i don't know, buying steam cleaners- next you'll be wanting the xplory

i got a vax from them last week for £10.50- twas shocked and very

littlelapin Thu 14-Jun-07 16:30:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Thu 14-Jun-07 21:30:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TwoToTango Thu 14-Jun-07 21:41:22

nearlythere - i'm after a new carpet cleaner, have looked for graded electricals on ebay but the only one I can find has no items for sale and no feedback since July 2006 - is that the right one?

littlelapin Thu 14-Jun-07 21:45:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TwoToTango Thu 14-Jun-07 21:55:08

thanks for that - hope I can get a bargain

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