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maggots coming out of wheelie bin HEEEEEELP!

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kreamkrackers Thu 14-Jun-07 08:22:17

last night we went to lock the back door at about 12ish. it's a glass door and to our horror we could see these small things covered all over it wriggling away. when we opened the door it was full of maggots and they seemed to be coming from our wheelie bin

our door is of poor quality and there's holes around it (have told the landlord but he's never bothered another reason why we're moving soon) so they were also coming in. we hadn't got a clue on what to do. we don't have a hose pipe because i would have happily blasted them away. dp got kitchen roll and got rid of as many as he could. we left bleach around the bottom of the door so that they should all die. switched the lights off (we thought the light might have been attracting them) and went to bed.

luckily we got up to find a few dead in the bleach but the rest were covering the wheelie bin.

what do we do now? the wheelie bin gets collected tomorrow. we have weekly collections so if this can happen to us surely this must happen to other people.

i'm terrified of them please help.


BreeVanDerCamp Thu 14-Jun-07 08:26:14

Move the bin away from the back door.

Wait until it is emptied tomorrow, then pour boiling water in the bin several times. Pour the water out. Then spray Jeyes fluid into the bin. I cover every square inch with the spray. I also spray any food I put in to the bin with Jeyes fluid or fly killer, this makes the food inedible.

lizziemun Thu 14-Jun-07 08:57:12

Make sure you wrap all food waste up in bags ( i use carrier bags and newspaper).

I also pay £3 per month to have my bin cleaned and disinfected by a company. My excuse for this is that at 5ft the bin is nearly as tall as me and if i cleaned it i would probaly fall in.

kreamkrackers Thu 14-Jun-07 09:20:37

the bin isn't near the back door it's near our back gate which is the furthest away from the back door.

was thinking i might ask a neighbour if we can use their bin for todays rubbish as don't want to put anything else in that bin.

could it have been the lovely weather earlier this week that caused this? i really do think they were heading towards the light but i never thought maggots would have that instinct yet. we're deffo going to try to use little light in our house tonight, might even put the bin out tonight rather than in the morning but we're always worried as kids kick bins over (it would be funny if they kicked it over and got covered in maggots but the mess would be left everywhere) and there are loads of cats around here that seem to hover around bins.

no wheelie bin cleaning service here yet, my mum has it and she doesn't live far away so hopefully when we move the new area will have it. going to go shopping today so will pick up some jeyes fluid and fly killer.

i've just never seen or heard of anything like this i'm in we get our bins emptied every week so i really hope they don't change it to fortnightly. we've had loads of spiders in our house lately so maybe it's all realated in the circle of life somehow

lizziemun Thu 14-Jun-07 14:32:28

Yes it probaly is the warm/hot weather that has cause a lot of fly's

expatinscotland Thu 14-Jun-07 14:35:49

fortnightly collections, anyone?

MamaG Thu 14-Jun-07 14:36:15


MamaG Thu 14-Jun-07 14:36:48

oops forgot the

pooka Thu 14-Jun-07 14:37:43

I hope they took the rubbish away. Because here they won't if the bin is crawling with maggots. Madness.

MaureenMLove Thu 14-Jun-07 14:41:10

We have fortnightly and I have to say - it does work! We have got a lot of re-cyling bins though. We've got a weelie bin for non-recyling, wheelie bin for all food and garden waste, boxes for paper, bottles, plastics and glass! The side of the house is an eyesore now, but I've never had so much rubbish that I can't fit it in and close the lids on any of them.

TaylorsMummy Thu 14-Jun-07 15:36:01

nothing dead in there or around the area is there?

kreamkrackers Thu 14-Jun-07 15:42:08

i hope they take the bin away , what on earth will i do if they dont?

something dead in there? no buried dp in the local park

there's obviously some left over food, would the meat in that count

hippipotami Sat 16-Jun-07 09:01:28

Just found this, we had the same problem last year. We found the flies go for food smells. So we double wrap all our rubbish in two carrier bags (as recommended by council when we complained about maggots, and this seems so environmentally unfriendly it must instantly undo all the good a recycling scheme does) and with every bag of rubbish I put in the bin I sprinkle in a generous amount of Jeyes Freshbin - a disinfectant powder for outside bins. It masks the food smells. In fact, last week our bin was maggot free whilst next doors bin (which stands next to our bin) was crawling.


screwball2 Fri 07-Aug-09 10:44:33

Help, i have maggotts in the wheelie bin, as do a few of the neighbours since the farmers did their muck spreading on Wednesday night!!!! I have tried hot water, bleach salt etc and nothing is working, they are still there! The problem also the bin is half full (waste in carrier bags) and is not going to be emptied until Tuesday. Can anyone help me...i do not want to take the rubbish out as i dont like the maggotts.

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