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i've got a bone to pick with that shouting eejit Barry Scott - his bloomin Cillit Bang has just wrecked my stainless steel splashback!

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Aitch Tue 12-Jun-07 14:13:37

sprayed it on, phone rang, came back and it's all indelibly marked"

small print: "do not leave on metal surfaces for more than one minute as discolouration may occur".

you have been warned. i'm going to have to replace the whole thing. [livid]

Whoooosh Tue 12-Jun-07 14:15:03

Try baby oil immediately....

FioFio Tue 12-Jun-07 14:15:04

Message withdrawn

TheApprentice Tue 12-Jun-07 14:17:57

Imo that Cillit bang is crap anyway.

Hope you manage to get it off your surfaces.

Aitch Tue 12-Jun-07 14:18:14

it's not scratched, it's like big water marks. just whacking great stains, of the sort that you'd see and go, 'christ, what messy bastards live here, can't they even wipe down a splashback?'
no baby oil in the house, i'll try it later though, thanks. does it have to be immediately?

katz Tue 12-Jun-07 14:19:08

try cooking oil instead

Aitch Tue 12-Jun-07 14:19:44

will do... so it doesn't have to be a mineral oil, then?

Fimbo Tue 12-Jun-07 14:20:56

I am convinced it discoloured my taps in my bathroom. It's ineffective on limescale, unlike the claims Barry Scott makes. I even tried the 1p test myself.

themoon66 Tue 12-Jun-07 14:21:23

Stainless steel is a PITA. Why is it called 'stainless' when it is the most stainy thing of stainy things?? Just a glancing blow with a soggy teabag makes the sink all brown and mucky.

TheApprentice Tue 12-Jun-07 14:27:35

Fimbo, did it leave a pinky residue on your taps? Thats what it did to my shower although Ive got rid of it now.

Whoooosh Tue 12-Jun-07 14:29:49

Does have to be mineral oil-the only reason I said "immediately" was anything seems to work better the quicker you try it.

Good news is,splashbacks are not that expensive.....

chipkid Tue 12-Jun-07 14:31:43

get some proper stainless steel cleaner-wolf do a good spray for their range of stainless steel goods (sub zero is another name they use)
It may be that the stainless steel cleaner gets off the watermarks.

Desiderata Tue 12-Jun-07 14:33:05

If it says on the small print, 'do not leave, etc,' then it's probably knackered.

However, the best way to eliminate marks and smudges on stainless steel is olive oil. You only need to apply it every now and again, and if you rub with a kitchen towel occasionally, it comes up good as new.

I'd try that, Aitch, before you go unscrewing it from the wall!

Aitch Tue 12-Jun-07 14:39:49

hah! unscrewing would be good. unfortunately the wall is a bit bent so it had to be glued on. it's goiing to wreck the place. true about teh splashback not being that expensive but the plaster and painting etc... bugger.
tried the veg oil, no effect. have now washed it off with, er, cillit bang.

GlassSlipper Tue 12-Jun-07 17:20:05

i use wondolene to get rid of marks on stainless steel

sullysmum Tue 26-Jun-07 19:13:11

I bought a bottle and there were so many dont use on this and dont use on that, i took it back for a refund.

southeastastra Tue 26-Jun-07 19:14:27

oh st george said that if it's warm (the steel) it will discolour

hana Thu 28-Jun-07 17:13:16

I use an ecloth for our stainless steel splashback, no problems so far
(sorry that doens't help you!)

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