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Does seeing themselves pee ruin a mans aim?

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Katsma Mon 11-Jun-07 20:47:51

We have a dodgy cracked wall in our downstairs loo. It's the wall on which the toilet is attached. I reckon it would be much cheaper and less hassle to cover the whole wall with one big mirror than to plaster (also would make it seem less of a shoebox).

But, it will mean that men will be able to see themselves going through the motions, as it were. Will they become so distracted that their aim will go awry?!

Also, I feel sure that this is flying in the face of good feng shui practise.

Comments welcomed!

kittywits Mon 11-Jun-07 22:34:16

lol, well, they find it hard enough to aim straight at the very best of times so God knows what havock and not to mention smells a mirror might wreak. Doesn't bare thinking about!!!!!

LynetteScavo Mon 11-Jun-07 22:37:00

But if the mirror is above the loo, there shouldn't be a reflextion that low, surly?

MerryMarigold Mon 11-Jun-07 22:37:58

We moved into a house that had a full length mirror behind the toilet and one in front, so male and female could see themselves wee. And it was carpeted. YUCK.

I think men generally look at themselves peeing anyway. What may distract them is if they try posing whilst peeing - or doing their hair with their free hand etc. Then their aim may go off a bit.

How about getting some filler, filling the cracks and then painting the room a light colour? We have a teeny loo, but have just done it up and it looks luvverly.

Katsma Tue 12-Jun-07 00:25:39

Doing their hair with their free hand


You're so right. Plastering it is then!

sullysmum Tue 26-Jun-07 19:17:24

Arnt you glad your not a man,lol!

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