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Anyone know what this moth type is?

(2 Posts)
user1457634692 Mon 11-Jun-18 06:31:59

Got these all over the house, trying to figure out what they are do I can get rid of them. I thought maybe carpet moths. It no damage to any carpets? Although we’ve taken all the carpets up and got rid of them so that might help?! Any help much appreciated! Xx

JT05 Wed 13-Jun-18 10:14:31

Looks like a normal clothes moth to me. I’d check your wardrobes, especially anything not worn for a while.
My DS stored a jacket he brought back from Uni. in his fitted wardrobe for a couple of years.
I eventually traced the moths to the almost completely eaten jacket!
Ugh! Complete fumigation of wardrobe ( spray with Zero moth killer, washed with bleach), room, new carpet and paint!
They did go.

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