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Folding bed recommendations.

(6 Posts)
magimedi Thu 24-May-18 09:44:43

I need to buy a single folding bed for 4 year old grandchild's visit (excited!).

Any one got any tips/recommendations as it seems I'll have to get it on line & can't see it first.

Jaybe seem to be one of the larger manufacturers - anyone got one?

magimedi Thu 24-May-18 21:48:28


Surely someone has a folding bed?!?!

frayedbuspass Fri 25-May-18 12:22:34

Instead of a folding bed, consider a blow up AeroBed, the proper branded one with built in pump. Very comfortable for both children and adults and when deflated rolls up and takes up no room.

magimedi Fri 25-May-18 16:04:35

flowers frayed. Am a bit worried about bouncing on it, however!! Will ask the parents - they do look good & lots on offer atm.

M0reGinPlease Fri 25-May-18 16:22:10

Please consider safety of a fold up bed and whether fingers or hair could be trapped in the mechanism.

magimedi Fri 25-May-18 17:06:46

Have now found this inflatable air bed for children which I think will be the answer. Like the fact it has sides so no rolling out!

Thanks for all the input!

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