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Getting rid of tarnish marks caused by antibacterial spray on stainless steel hob and kitchen sink

(3 Posts)
NooNooHead Thu 17-May-18 23:41:08

I’m really annoyed with myself as I use an Sainsbury’s antibacterial spray on both my hob and sink, which now have horrible tarnished marks on presumably from the acidic nature of the spray.

I know people will suggest Barkeeper’s Friend, stainless steel spray or treatment, Shiny Sinks etc but if the surfaces have been damaged by harsh chemicals, these aren’t going up make much difference are they..?

I’m v annoyed with myself as they were both brand new in our new build three years ago, and we can’t afford to replace either. I know it is mainly cosmetic but it is bugging me!

gravytrains Thu 17-May-18 23:43:50

These guys say baking soda and ammonia or washing up liquid

FunBunHun Fri 18-May-18 16:40:00

Olive oil on kitchen paper towel?

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