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Cleaner provided by an agency

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GeneandFred Wed 16-May-18 15:53:36


I'm a domestic cleaner who works for an agency. I work self employed for them. I have worked with them for 2 years now and have now looking to start my own company.

I would be looking to provide cleaners (self employed) around my local estate and area and I have a couple of questions to ask to those who have a cleaner from an agency.

Do you pay your cleaner direct? If so how much?

How much do you pay the agency and how often?

Do you think it is worth it?

What are the benefits of hiring from an agency?

Would it bother you if the cleaner couldn't use bleach?

Have you signed an agreement/contract with the agency?

What is not stopping you trying to poach the cleaner and have he/she work directly for you?

Thanks all! This would be so helpful for me. smile

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