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how on earth can I clean this salad drawer properly?

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mckenzie Mon 14-May-18 16:23:34

We have a Samsung American style fridge freezer (RF56J9040SR) with EZ Fresh Zone salad drawers.
Somehow or other, a spillage has got inside the front panel of the salad drawer. I've contacted Samsung who tell me that the only way to clean said drawer is with a damp cloth and that the drawer (or 'draw' according to the Samsung reply) cannot be disassembled.
I've looked on line and can see plenty of US You Tube videos for taking apart the drawer but they are not for the same model of fridge freezer.
Any ideas please?
many thanks in advance

Coldhandscoldheart Mon 14-May-18 16:25:49

Can you post a photo? Would a long cotton bud, or a wet wipe wrapped round a knife blade or skewer work?

EspressoButler Mon 14-May-18 16:27:37

I had to that problem with a Bosch salad drawer. I skewered a damp
J cloth onto a bamboo skewer & and poked it about a bit whilst swearing about the stupid design.

mckenzie Mon 14-May-18 16:50:47

I can’t see how I can get to it

Coldhandscoldheart Mon 14-May-18 18:19:20

I’ll be back in a bit after bedtime smile

yumscrumfatbum Mon 14-May-18 20:37:45

Could you make a solution of baking soda and vinegar. It makes a foamy mixture that might fizz the spill out?

Coldhandscoldheart Mon 14-May-18 21:38:15

Hm. I can’t see them all that well, but is that a screw I can see in the first pic? Personally if it is I would be unscrewing it to see what happened and if it helped to access.
Other ideas. Do you have a dishwasher? Could you bung it in there?
Is it that you have to go up through the handle & ovr into the layer? The spill has got in somehow. I’m trying to think what would be simultaneously bendy and stiff enough to go round the corner.

mckenzie Mon 14-May-18 21:44:35

it looks like you might be able to prise the front off; I've tried it and only managed to scratch the drawer front instead so I'm being a wooze and waiting for DH to help.
I think I'm going to leave it in soak tonight and see if any of it moves / looks different. I can't leave it anyhow. it's doesn't smell now but I'm sure it wont be long sad

donajimena Mon 14-May-18 21:46:51

When I clean them I make a bleach solution and leave it soak. It works sometimes.

Coldhandscoldheart Wed 16-May-18 14:09:54

Did you get it?

mckenzie Wed 16-May-18 21:16:12

Nope. I went back to Samsung and somebody from their Home Appliance Team is going to call me tomorrow.
Thanks for asking smile

Coldhandscoldheart Thu 17-May-18 09:31:06

I’m slightly infuriated on your behalf! 😂 this sort o fdesign does my head in, it’s like the dispenser drawer on the washing machine, made of tiny corners and crevices, and the fridge drip tray that you cant actually remove to empty without breaking 😡 such bad design, but hey, it doesn’t matter because it’s mostly women who do these things.

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