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Renting Maintance.

(4 Posts)
JBETHHT Thu 03-May-18 16:34:01

Hi I was wondering if anyone of you lovely people have some advice for me, ive been in my property for nearly a year now, last summer I had a problem with ant & flying ants, I seemed to keep It under control and stopped them coming into the house. However they've come back with a vengeance! I'm really weary of putting ant powdered down as i have a very active 10 month old! they are all in the kitchen, they seem to be coming in somewhere near the back door, however the laminate has started to lift and I don't know if its because of the ants, I cant work out if they are living under there as they seem to be coming out of every crack and crevices they can find! I'm not sure how to bring this up to my landlord, in an ideal world I would like new laminate flooring which is sealed all the way round properly as this isn't, I think that would solve the ant problem as there would be no way of them getting in. I also would like to repaint the kitchen and and re gloss the doors and frames in the house as there marks on them from previous tenants, I'm more than happy to do this myself. I've never bothered my landlord with anything before, I'm just not sure on how to bring it up with her, I get really anxious in situations where I'm asking for things. Anyone got any advice? Thank you in advance!

EspressoButler Thu 03-May-18 16:39:59

Bring up the floor lifting with your landlord. Also ask if they’d be happy for you to repaint.
As for the ants, it’s just the time of year. You cannot possibly seal every hole to stop ants. Mine come in under my well fitting doors. Ant powder outside and ant bait boxes inside help keep them out.

marjorie25 Sat 12-May-18 23:28:25

You sure these are not termites.
If the time of year for them.
They will eat you out of house and the house will fall down around you.
Get the landlord involved, this is a professional job and one that he/she needs to pay for.
The floor boards may need to be completed replaced with treated wood.

wowfudge Mon 14-May-18 08:02:05

Laminate is a floating floor and it is normal to leave an expansion gap around the edges - this is usually hidden by the flooring running under the skirting boards or beading hiding the gap at the base of the skirtings. Sealing the edges is not a good idea and would potentially cause worse lifting if the flooring can't expand and contract with changes in temperature, etc.

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