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what soap do you use to wash waterproof trousers?

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brimfull Mon 14-May-07 11:43:07

the label says to use pure soap only or specialist cleaner(regatta isotex???) which sounds expensive.

frogs Mon 14-May-07 11:44:54

Just sponge off.

You can buy pure soap flakes, but frankly washing waterproofs is a PITA. They drip for ages and are less waterproof afterwards. And they're only going to get muddy again, so not really worth going overboard on.

MrsBoo Mon 14-May-07 11:45:41

Usually it means to use a Non-bio product. Anything else will damage the fabric, and the waterproofness.
Usually no fabric conditioner either - for same reason

brimfull Mon 14-May-07 11:46:15

damn-actual physical work then.

MrsBadger Mon 14-May-07 11:50:34

if just mud etc sponge off

we use Nikwax Tech Wash (from Millets etc) when things get really grubby - not cheap but you don't need much and if you make up a whole load (waterproof jackets, ski stuff etc) you clean a lot of stuff for your money.

dmo Mon 14-May-07 11:52:47

i stick them in the washer no harm has come to them

brimfull Mon 14-May-07 11:53:19

may get that nrs badger,dd has been on DofE expedition this weekend and all her waterproof stuff is disgusting and smells of swamps.
Hope I don't bugger up the waterproofing as her legs were the only dry bit of her,coat was worse than useless.

MrsBadger Mon 14-May-07 11:56:05

if coat needs redoing they do a wash-in waterproofer in the same range - have a nosey

brimfull Mon 14-May-07 12:02:57

thanks will do

stealthsquiggle Tue 15-May-07 15:47:28

I just machine wash DS's with no detergent at all - seems to work

Jqmum Tue 15-May-07 19:10:41

I work for a kids waterproof clothing company and we suggest non bio powder and no fabric conditioner or softner! The conditioner/softner affetcs the waterproofing of the garments!!!

cathcart Tue 15-May-07 19:16:58

i use nikwax too.

NicoleM91 Thu 03-Mar-16 09:42:39

You should try Nikwax cleaner, it's not that expensive and it's suitable for use on all fabrics. I've been using it for a long time and it gets the job done every single time. Give it a try!

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