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the best way to peg your washing out

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fruitful Wed 09-May-07 20:29:22

I'm inspired by the AIBU thread (honest).

I've only had an outside washing line for a month and am therefore a pegging-out novice.

Please tell me your methods for pegging your laundry out so it dries quickly, and doesn't need ironing, and is easy to sort and put away.

And what do you do if it gets rained on (in the absence of helpful neighbours)? Wash it again? Leave it? Spin it and hang out again?

And my neighbours don't seem to wash their knickers ... None on their lines, anyway.

emmap89 Thu 26-May-16 16:55:53

Dose it really matter how its been put out has long has it drying i think they are more important things in life to worry about then clothes dnt care if my underwear is out drying ppo shouldn't be looking and when it comes to socks ect u can get a hanger thing from the £1 shop

Each to there own!

CoffeeInTheMorning Tue 03-May-11 11:22:14

If it's a still day and the kids aren't about to use it (!) I spread out pants and socks on the trampoline to dry - the middle airy bit is good but the padded surround gets really hot in the sunshine and dries things very quickly.

JoanofArgos Tue 03-May-11 09:13:04

I miss my indoor ceiling airer....

I hang heavy things in the middle of the line and move out to lighter stuff at the edges, and use a wooden clothes prop. Trousers on the waist-band and tops on the hem. If I've run out of space I put pants and socks round the edge of the basket in the sun, otherwise hang them up.

CoffeeInTheMorning Tue 03-May-11 09:10:12

I was going to link to the Sock-topus as well - it's brilliant and more sturdy than the Wilkinson's/Poundshop multi-peg thingies.

Always peg trousers from their bottoms - makes sense that the wind can then get through the thickest part of the trouser - the waistband - to dry it. Same with socks - peg through one layer of the top, not the toe.

I have a loveable homemade pegbag from about 30 years ago which is still doing its job very well.

Ponders Mon 02-May-11 16:14:27

I just saw the link to Ikea's socktopus - I must add that their pegs are the best I've ever had (I have the black ones, they look like little birds perched on the line when it's empty grin)

hillyhilly Mon 02-May-11 16:11:03

I have a fabby rack that I bought from a flea market once. It is metal, rectangular and has metal pegs on it that are just about the right distance apart for DC's t shirts and trousers, it has saved me huge amounts of space on my airer (up by the ceiling) or my rotary line and I only wish I had a clue where I could get another as the pegs also do not break, I must go through a couple of those knicker twirler things every year! (Think I'll see if John Lewis sell them, surely they'd be more longlasting than the one from the pound shop!)
I love hanging out my washing and go hunting for things to wash on hot days (our winter coats were all done weeks ago!).
Wooden pegs, kept in a bucket in the greenhouse which is near the dryer, I couldn't bear to leave my pegs out.

vanillamum Sun 01-May-11 23:32:14

This is just for RavenAK-I pay my kids 1p per pair of socks they manage to pair from the sock sin bin. I can't afford a cleaner but this just gives me a warm glow-I am at last out sourcing some tedious housework. Obviously the oldest is 6 youngest 3 (might not work if yours are teens) but even so it might spare you from the ziplock bag. To my shame I once had to payout 42p and not all of the bloody odd socks were paired.

Mandy2003 Sun 01-May-11 20:25:58

Just found this thread - excellent! Have read through and can't spot anyone doing the same as I used to when I had a long washing line between two posts: hanging everything in colour order, going through the rainbow from white to black!

Now have a rotary line so can't do this effectively sad

CharlotteWasBoth Fri 29-Apr-11 23:23:40


I call it a pant twizzler.

Thornelius Fri 29-Apr-11 23:13:56

I'm loving this thread! Has made me think about how i hang mine out! I defo need a soctopus!!! smile

Elsa123 Mon 26-Jul-10 11:59:58

what a strangley fascinating thread- i've been hooked- pardon the pun. Possibly because I don't yet have a clothes line and really want one....

44withgrownups Mon 26-Jul-10 11:15:15

For all those who, like me, get an odd sense of satisfaction from hanging out washing in the garden: imagine my delight when my 19 year old daughter saw the sun shining and said "ooh Mum, this is a great day for hanging washing out, come on, let's do some washing." So we did that together, and I saw her looking at the full line with great satisfaction. I am sure there are more useful loves I can pass on to her, but this is a good start. By the way, she is a very normal 19 year old, at university with a great social life, not a young woman given to washing with her Mum, so the allure of the outside line and the sun were clearly strong.

bibbitybobbityhat Fri 02-Jul-10 12:28:50


GreatShatnersGhost Fri 02-Jul-10 12:26:11

Tops by bottoms and bottoms by tops. Also, I leave washing out overnight all the time! And leave it out if it rains, then let it dry again. I felt a bit ashamed about that at first, until I noticed my (very nice) neighbour does the same thing! I don't peg out my knickers very often, but only because I have limited line space, so I dry them on the rads instead.

I never knew I had so much to say about laundry

jeee Wed 30-Jun-10 13:30:46

When hanging up clothes it is imperative that the same colour pegs are used on each side of the garment. Never use a green peg and a yellow peg on a T-shirt. Socks must be put next to their pair, and of course should be hung with matching pegs.

IMoveTheStars Wed 30-Jun-10 13:26:45

Everybody needs a socktopus

jojogingerbiscuits Wed 30-Jun-10 10:50:05

Message withdrawn

jojogingerbiscuits Wed 30-Jun-10 10:48:58

Message withdrawn

jojogingerbiscuits Wed 30-Jun-10 10:48:27

Message withdrawn

merlotmama Sun 13-May-07 00:24:51

Thread not dead yet.

I used to live next door to a dermatologist who hung her knickers up inside out, with the gussets facing the sun, presumably to kill any thrush germs which had survived the wash!

I gave up on a peg bag which hung on the line - I used to spend so much time moving it about - and now use one which ties round my waist...from Betterware or Kleenezee, I think.

Once DSs could tell outside from inside I informed them and DH that I was no longer going to turn their socks the right way...if they go into the wash outside in they get them back outside in. Must have saved me hours over the past few years.

laundrylover Fri 11-May-07 21:55:09

I'm reading bits of this thread out to DP to show him that I am not alone in my sad existence.

Is this how addicts feel when they first attend a meeting???

elasticbandstand Fri 11-May-07 21:51:02

i then hang on hangers on airer, less need for ironing.

DaphneHarvey Fri 11-May-07 21:47:44

It must be time for the end of the life of this thread BUT can I just have to say I've rarely enjoyed a thread so much on Mumsnet. It has been an inspiration, a joy and educational too - I'm putting the hanger-keeper-on thingys (what a time saver- putting your kids' tops straight on to hangers to dry, I always do this inside in the winter) and the soft grip pegs from Lakeland on my next shopping list.

Also, although I am ever so well brought up and as middle class as you could imagine, I truly had no idea it was common to leave your washing out at night. Never, never, never your pegs. But your washing? Ooooh I'm suddenly ashamed.

My little quirk: say I've hung out a load of dark washing like jeans and DH's black socks and underkeks etc. Next day maybe the jeans aren't quite dry enough to bring in. Then I do a load of hot white washing and go to hang that out. There's no way I'd leave the lone pair of jeans on a line with the gorgeous white washing - just in case the neighbours or visiting friends thought I'd washed the jeans in with the whites. I may sometimes leave my washing out overnight - but I do have OCD type standards when it comes to sorting. LOL.

lucymc Fri 11-May-07 21:37:45

Mrs Who - I quite agree pegs must match. Also each colour run of pegs has to be used up before the next colour can start.

Furball Fri 11-May-07 21:30:54

I peg under the arms of tshirts etc so it doesn't ruin the shape etc and also you can't see the peg marks. I nip out half way through and re peg it so the side that wasn't exposed is now on the top.

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