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Lotus sola woodburner

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Sugarplum73 Thu 01-Mar-18 23:57:05

I have a wood burner and there is a metal disc the size of the opening in the grate, does anyone know do you cover the few holes in the grate with it before you light it , or what is it’s function.

woodyslogburners Tue 13-Mar-18 13:57:34

Hi Sugarplum73
There are two types of wood burners. A multi fuel and a pure wood burner. The wood burner has a flat bed inside (no grate) a multi fuel stove has a grate that can be opened or closed depending on whether you are burning wood/logs or smokeless coal. If you are burning logs the grate should be closed as logs burn with the air coming from above. So your bottom air vent should be closed and your top air vent open. If you are burning smokeless coal the grate should be open as coal burns with the air flow coming from below. So for coal the top airvent should be shut and the bottom one kept open.
Hope this makes sense

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