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Looking for a Housework Routine

(16 Posts)
Janberryxx Wed 21-Feb-18 00:11:45

Hi, can anyone recommend a good housework routine for busy working Mums? I've had a quick look at TOMM, which I'll probably try out, though there's something I don't like about it, can't place what it is.
I've done Flylady on and off for a few years, but it's so cheesy American, would prefer something UK based. What else is out there that you'd give the thumbs up to?

aleC4 Sat 24-Feb-18 16:02:04

I am interested in this too.
What do people class as the absolute basics?
How often?
With what?

Laucu Sun 25-Feb-18 07:06:19

My basic every day jobs are:

Making beds
Vacuuming downstairs (high traffic areas)
Cleaning toilet and wiping down sink
Cleaning kitchen sink

On Wednesdays I dust the whole house, and give the kitchen and bathroom a more thorough clean. On Thursdays I change the bedsheets, vacuum whole house and mop the tiled flooring.

I need to be a bit more thorough with my kitchen really, the oven needs cleaning and the cupboards and kick boards....

FrostiesMum Sun 25-Feb-18 07:13:35

I think some of it depends on who is in your house. My routine reduces when the dog isn’t there but most of the time it’s:
- bleach kitchen surfaces & sink
- vacuum house
- wipe bathroom sinks

Every other day (as above, plus)
- dust skirting boards and lounge surfaces, tv etc
- load of laundry
- damp dust bedside tables, bed head, chest of drawers in bedroom

Once a week
- bleach bathrooms
- clean floors (steam mop, hand wash / wipe bottom of cupboards, carpet moose any stains that have appeared...)
- change beds
- change towels
- iron work shirts
- dust window sills, all bedrooms
- spray polish (mirrors etc)
- polish shoes

namastayinbed Sun 25-Feb-18 08:43:26

I like unfuck your habitat - the weekend challenge is good.

austounding Sun 25-Feb-18 20:25:02

goodness me, I feel so slovenly. Do you really hoover and clean bathroom sinks daily Frostiesmum and laucu? I only do the basic housework (hoover, mop, clean kitchen, clean bathroom) once a week...! Spot clean as needed the rest of the time. I don't have a large mess-making family though, is that an excuse? blush

FrostiesMum Mon 26-Feb-18 06:31:49

The hoover is mainly because of the dog; every other day would be fine otherwise. Sinks are easy enough. Invest in some antibacterial wipes. Couple of those, whipped round the sink and taps in your bathrooms keeps them looking tidy in between a weekly bleaching. Always, always bleach the kitchen tops and sink.

earlgreymarl Mon 26-Feb-18 06:57:05

I really like the Clean Mama website, she has routines and tips. I started using her routine last year and it is simple and really helps me keep on top of things.

I tweak her routine so do :

Monday : bathrooms ( but not floors, this was revolutionary! Wash towels.
Tues: bins, dusting, change beds, laundry (bedding)
Weds: hoover floors, wash kitchen clothes / tea towels
Thurs: this is dog washing day & all their blankets etc get washed & kitchen & bathroom floors are hoovered / steam mopped.
Fri: main clothes laundry day
Sat: is the catch all day , for anything skipped , but in reality, it is clothes sorting / folding and planning for week ahead ( look at diaries etc, note tasks for DH).
Sun: nothing!

earlgreymarl Mon 26-Feb-18 06:59:12

Oh I also keep on top of floors with Dyson cordless and things like cleaning dryer filter or maintenance wash on washing machine are on Google reminders ( tip from a good thread after Xmas about being organised !)

Laucu Mon 26-Feb-18 10:17:50

Austounding I have 3 kids, who between them seem to make quite a lot of mess! I also park the buggy up in the dining room (near back door) so that brings in a lot of dirt.

I rarely use bleach though. I wipe the sinks daily with either Ecover or just a wet cloth. My chemical of choice is cillit bang - I use that on the bathroom sink, bath and kitchen sink.

MinniesAndMickeysNeedCounting Mon 26-Feb-18 10:29:52

I use a free app called chore checklist.

It comes with a list of cleaning tasks programmed in but I've added my own and removed/edited others.

lightoflaluna Mon 26-Feb-18 11:11:41

Interested in app recommmendations too.

Currently i do:
Hoover downstairs
Spray mop kitchen diner
Spray and wipe down kitchen
Antibacterial wipe over bathroom (can do this while brushing teeth or something)
1 load of laundry
General tidy up

Clean bathroom inc tiles, bleach etc
Mop hard floors
Hoover upstairs
Dust and polish
*should do more in the kitchen really. My oven isn't great.

Inspired by flylady i also choose 1 area a week to particularly focus on and do detail cleaning inc inside windows and frames, decluttering and organising drawers, pulling furniture out, cobwebs and high dusting, washing cushion covers etc. Aiming to do bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living space on a 4 week rota.

Janberryxx Mon 26-Feb-18 13:09:41

Many thanks to you all for your replies and suggestions. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. I'll be having a good re-read of them all and see if I can get my act together with the housework, once and for all! 😁

LadyLapsang Mon 26-Feb-18 22:17:02

Interested to get an idea of how many hours, if any, you all work outside the home / commute. You seem to do a lot of housework.

Laucu Tue 27-Feb-18 13:17:45

Ladylapsang - I'm a sahm. If take a guess that I do an hour a day, and 2 hours a day on a Wednesday/Thursday. I admit that I am a neat freak, I can't sit still until things are done!

lightoflaluna Tue 27-Feb-18 13:28:59


I work full time and i don't think i do a lot (you might not have been referring to me!). What i do daily is done in the half hour while DH is bathing our DS. The weekly stuff is maybe an extra half hour here and there or if i've got the house to myself for a bit i might stick a good podcast on and bash through it for an hour or so.

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