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What can I do about this futon mattress?

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margaritasbythesea Tue 13-Feb-18 15:47:56

DH and I have a large futon mattress which he likes to sleep on on the floor when he has a bad back.

I have had it down for a week for a guest, with a sheet between the bottom of the mattress and the floor, for a week. It was fine when I put it down.

I have just gone to wash the covers and sheets and put it away and have discovered that it has mould on the underside of the inner cover, and quite a lot of it. This cover won´t come off. I don´t know how it happened (it´s not wee) but is there anything I can do about it, or does the mattress just have to go?

MrsEvedder Tue 13-Feb-18 16:13:54

Our had buttons on it that stopped us removing the cover, I discovered that you can remove the buttons and think you can get them back on after washing the cover but I've never bothered to. We don't have ours on a futon - just rolled up for if we ever need it so it doesn't matter that the buttons are missing!

Vitalogy Tue 13-Feb-18 16:15:36

It'll be the moisture off the body I'd say. Do you just have the futon or the frame as well, the frame will keep it off the floor and allow the airflow under it.
What to do now though. Would it come off with soapy water and scrubbing brush.

margaritasbythesea Tue 13-Feb-18 22:06:39

Thanks for your replies. I have had a go with a damp cloth with no joy. We store it when not in use and we don´t have much space so we don´t have a frame. It hasn´t been a problem before.

I am wondering if I could bleach it a bit. The zip is now stuck si I can´t get the cover off for that reason either.


margaritasbythesea Wed 14-Feb-18 13:13:48

Any ideas if spraying a bit of bleach on it and hoping for the best is a good strategy?

Vitalogy Wed 14-Feb-18 14:12:34

Yeah, worth a go.
What about breaking the zip then washing cover. You could replace the zip with a few button holes/large buttons to close it up again.

Vitalogy Wed 14-Feb-18 14:13:38

If it's a no go. What about a blow up mattress to replace it, easier to store too.

margaritasbythesea Wed 14-Feb-18 18:26:44

I will try and break the zip but I couldn´t do it yesterday. If not I will try the bleach.

I can´t believe it happened in a week!

MikeUniformMike Wed 14-Feb-18 20:10:59

Don't use bleach. You can get the cover off but it's very difficult to get the cover back on.
Use a damp cloth to wipe away the mildew, let it dry, then spray with white vinegar. It might take more than one attempt.
Do the top and bottom and sides of the mattress.
Once it is clean and dry, pop the whole mattress in a mattress cover or spare duvet cover. Use a futon frame if you can.
If you haven't got a frame, they frequently come up on freecycling sites. As do mattresses, often in immaculate condition.

margaritasbythesea Wed 14-Feb-18 20:28:42

Ok. I will try that. Can I ask why not bleach though?

I just need to get it into good enough nick to last six more months. We´re not currently in the UK (so no freecycle unfortunately) and we won´t be able to ship it home.

Thanks for your advice.

Vitalogy Thu 15-Feb-18 05:22:52

**diluted bleach on white fabric only. Sorry blush

margaritasbythesea Thu 15-Feb-18 05:51:45


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