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When sweat smell gets in new clothes?!

(24 Posts)
SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sat 10-Feb-18 17:25:58

Mostly this doesn't happen to me. I am very clean,
I don't have bad b.o. I promise.
Just bought a new expensive dress (quite thick / tight material) - and my armpits have sweated into it & can't get the smell out! I love the dress. So annoyed!
How do I get rid of it??? Help mumsnet confused

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sat 10-Feb-18 18:33:43

Anyone??? hmm

ronniebarkersauntie Sat 10-Feb-18 18:39:22

This has happened to a few of my things - some quite new. It’s really annoying - and I don’t understand why it’s some clothes and not others - can’t see any really link.
I have had success sprinkling the inside of the armpits liberally with bicarbonate of soda, then spraying with plenty of white vinegar and leaving to bubble up, then rub the paste into the fabric and wash the item as hot as the label allows. Sadly, the smell does tend to eventually return, but if you keep on treating it like this, it’s at least wearable. Good luck.

Haggisfish Sat 10-Feb-18 18:41:03

Only way I have found is to wash in sixty degrees, regardless of label.

Mrsjellybum Sat 10-Feb-18 18:44:03

Don't use fabric softener. Something about it holding the smell in.

I scrub the armpit area with a handful of vanish or the stain remover powder stuff and leave for 15 mins before washing.

Husband uses lots and lots of deodorant which marks the underarms and eventually has the same problem

GreenTulips Sat 10-Feb-18 18:44:12

Tea tree oil in the wash
Sunshine also rids smells

pinktransit Sat 10-Feb-18 18:45:39

Soaking in napisan works - obviously depends on the fabric, but for sports gear, cheap tshirts I've found it works really weell

Mrsjellybum Sat 10-Feb-18 18:46:22

PlaymobilPirate Sat 10-Feb-18 18:46:24

Dip the stains in cheap vodka then bung on a normal wash.

MrsRoyCropper Sat 10-Feb-18 18:48:12

Use white vinegar on the stained area and let it sink in for a while, before washing as hot in bio powder as possible.

dairyfarmerswife Sat 10-Feb-18 18:58:01

I've used antibacterial surface spray before now for this type of thing - the clear stuff, dettol or supermarket own brand

HidCat Sat 10-Feb-18 19:30:41

I second the vodka trick. Worked as a wardrobe assistant for a while and this was used regularly.

ChishandFips33 Sat 10-Feb-18 19:57:47

White vinegar sprayed on and in place of fabric conditioner in the wash. Don't worry though, you'll not smell like a chip shop!

GummyGoddess Sat 10-Feb-18 21:03:46

Wash on a higher temperature. I've found if I wash my clothes at 40 or under then they smell horrible, even though I as a person do not smell. I assume that whatever bacteria it is that lives in my sweat is really productive!

TheFillijonk Sat 10-Feb-18 21:29:47

Dettol antibacterial laundry cleanser in the wash ... it's magic!

Longdistance Sat 10-Feb-18 21:32:41

As above. Any old vodka will do. Soak the arm pit of the top, and leave for a few hours. Bing into the washing machine, and the smell should go.

The alcohol kills the bacteria (smell) that’s trapped.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sat 10-Feb-18 21:43:13

Ooo I forgot snot that Dettol stuff great idea!! grin

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sat 10-Feb-18 21:43:54

Forgot ABOUT (Ffs 🙄)

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sat 10-Feb-18 21:45:22

And thanks for all the other ideas! Will try them if the Dettol fails. It's so odd. Has just happened with this one new dress.

Mrsrochesterscat Sat 10-Feb-18 21:47:56

I’ve found if we use anything other than Ariel then we get armpit smells. Every few washes we add a scoop of vanish. Since discovering this we mainly wash at 20 degrees (couldn’t have gone lower than 40 before!). Oh and we use fabric softener.

user1471451866 Sat 10-Feb-18 21:50:39

A good soak in fairy liquid seems to work. Has to be fairy though.

Justjadet Sun 11-Feb-18 09:17:49

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

RubberJohnny Sun 11-Feb-18 09:25:42

Biological washing powder at low temp. The enzymes are deactivated at 40 deg c rendering it useless. It will remove the smell.

wonkylegs Sun 11-Feb-18 10:00:00

This stuff works really well on DHs shirts / jumpers etc to get the smell out

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