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Decent toaster needed - recommendations please

(16 Posts)
Honey1975 Sat 10-Feb-18 11:54:51

Our toaster is on its last legs and its time to replace. We do alot of non toast items, crumpets, teacakes etc and these often get stuck. Also the bits that fall off especially teacake raisins tend to get stuck and start to smoke badly. Clearly a fire hazard as once it blew the fuse completely.

So is there a toaster than can deal with these things or will I have to resort to using grill (which takes an age to warm up)?

Any recommendations please?

RaspberryCheese Sat 10-Feb-18 12:35:12

I'd just like to add that my greatest annoyance with most toasters is that few or non can take a slice of Warburtons sideways,,very annoying.

Name01 Sat 10-Feb-18 13:33:56

Try Asda. They had 2 kinds of toasters - one of them (the slightly more expensive one) fits the large slices of bread beautifully

HardAsSnails Sat 10-Feb-18 13:38:01

Might be worth looking at a flatbed toaster for non-bread things.

Davros Sun 11-Feb-18 00:06:36

I like my Sage toaster. I tried a few others but they're so flimsy

Alonglongway Sun 11-Feb-18 00:14:05

I’ve got a dualit classic that’s about 6 years old and still great. You can get a rack to slot into the top to toast oddly shaped items. We mainly do small pieces of fruit bread or occasionally croissants. Works very well

chicken28 Mon 18-Jun-18 17:19:58

RaspberryCheese, I bought a toaster last year which was made specifically to take a warburtons slice, its a Breville ,, it was alright for a while now just like most it started only browning one side ,, and it wasnt a cheap buy , but i got it with a £25 discount from freemans catalogue

FrogFairy Mon 18-Jun-18 17:38:44

I love my Magimix toaster, was expensive but seems well made.

FrogFairy Mon 18-Jun-18 17:40:12

Sorry forgot to say I bought it in 2012.

Furrycushion Mon 18-Jun-18 17:44:21

Duality. We've had ours for about 15 years with no signs of wear or tear, just turns out great toast! Expensive but so worth the outlay.

Furrycushion Mon 18-Jun-18 17:44:50

Dualit of course

georgedawes Mon 18-Jun-18 17:45:55

I had two Dualit toasters that broke on me, so wouldn't buy one again!

Now have a morphy richards one that was a lot cheaper but has lasted longer.

ReservoirDogs Mon 18-Jun-18 17:47:54


Once you have had one you'll never go back ( and literally because they last forever!)

KirstenRaymonde Mon 18-Jun-18 17:48:39

I have a 4 slice Morphy Richards one. The slots are nice and big and wide, nothing has ever got stuck in it that I can remember, very happy with it and would recommend.

didireallysaythat Mon 18-Jun-18 19:43:09


We bought one second hand on eBay. Gave it a clean and looks like new. I think to can reach every bit on it so I'm hoping it will out last me

SluttyButty Mon 18-Jun-18 22:21:00

I’ve been discussing toasters this evening. Ours is coming up 8 years old and is playing up.
The flipping 15 year old microwave combi grill/oven thing is being an arse too. I’m destined to be poor this year with small kitchen electricals hmm

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