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Washing machine use - economy 7

(3 Posts)
Bloopea Fri 09-Feb-18 21:17:06

Looking for some advice - hi!

I have a bit of an issue with my neighbour regarding my use of the washing machine. I have lived here for 2 years this April and only recently has the issue arisen. I am currently a single mum on income support and after everything is paid for (I have called utility companies to have my bills reduced), I am left with just over £20 per week for food, let alone anything else. I am in a situation with the electricity company where I am just accumulating more debt as I cannot afford to cover my usage, let alone the debt of over £220. Here, all of the properties run on economy 7. This, in my understanding gives a cheaper night rate (currently 9.28p per kWh) in comparison to an on average, more expensive day tariff (20.4p per kWh). So with my current situation and without having to pay over double, I have no choice but to run the washing machine at night. The downstairs neighbour knocked on my door the other week and asked that I not turn on washing machine at 3am (this is not the usual time and would only occur if I had fallen asleep and remembered upon waking up). I really don’t want to be a pain in the backside neighbour and have always been conscious of our noise levels. I was surprised it was a disturbance as my machine is relatively quite but I use an eco ball which clunks around a bit so enquired whether this was the noise that was bothering him (if so, I could try and use something else). It wasn’t the clunking.. it is even the sound of the machine filling up. I said that I needed to make use of the cheaper tariff as do my other neighbours but would be happy to not turn it on at that time and then apologised for the disturbance. I finally figured out how to set the delay function on the machine so I set it just for when the tariff switches to the cheaper rate at 12:30. This seemed fine for 2 weeks as I heard nothing but today my neighbour knocked again and said it’s not working for them. My last shot is that I delay it until 5:30 in the morning as the cheaper tariff turns off at 7:30. Hopefully this will be less annoying 😕. I have called the energy company in the hope of another option being possible but only economy 7 is available here. I hate that despite trying my best to be a good tenant, current financial constraints are pushing me into a situation where I could potentially be viewed as an antisocial neighbour. Probably stressing me out more than it should but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Xx

specialsubject Sat 10-Feb-18 19:33:53

England - It seems very odd that you can only have economy 7 - the two meters can be set to the same rate. As a tenant you have the right to choose your tariff BTW.

Normal unit rate is about 13p or more now, so it may not help of course.

Chuck the eco ball though - useless.

brownelephant Sat 10-Feb-18 19:39:40

eco cycles use very little water and energy these days, so only run a full mashine when needed for maximum efficiency.

unfortunately when living in a flat noises do weird things and a spin cycle and water filling might sound tolerable in your flat but are unbearable in another.

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