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Which washing machine is best Bosch or AEG?

(12 Posts)
thedayismine Thu 08-Feb-18 10:08:24

Helping DM choose a new machine after a disastrous experience with a Samsung

She has seen these two both on offer at John Lewis - does anyone know if there is any difference in reliability between the brands or are they both decent ?

Any input welcome as we are dithering !

tryingtobethebestican Thu 08-Feb-18 12:39:45

Sorry no advice but watching with interest as we are looking for a new 9kg 1400 spin washing machine with steam!

Jerryboree Thu 08-Feb-18 12:48:43

I have a very similar Bosch (WAQ283S1GB) paid 400 from A.O in Aug 2015
It's great. Use it pretty much daily and it fits loads in.
Some wash cycles are quite long but I use the speed perfect setting for most things and never had any issues. I'd definitely buy Bosch appliances again, DH works with Bosch equipment through work, although not household appliances, and said their parts are superior

mommybear1 Thu 08-Feb-18 16:37:23

Personally I'd recommend Bosh had mine over 12 years and it's not let me down. I do a lot of washing I'd say over 10 loads a week and it's never let me down.

OMGtwins Thu 08-Feb-18 17:04:08

Bosch one is a which best buy with a 76% rating pic attached. Couldn't find anything on the other one.

LapdanceShoeshine Thu 08-Feb-18 17:22:51

I have an older version of the Bosch one & it’s great. Was £520 from ao nearly 6 years ago so £399 looks like a great price.

The standard cycles are long, but can be reduced with the speed perfect button (although that then removes a rinse but you can add one back in for not much more time)

Guiltypleasures001 Thu 08-Feb-18 17:24:51

Get a Siemens best ive ever had

clarrylove Thu 08-Feb-18 17:26:48

I don't know but can tell you that my current AEG is now 21 years old! Been used a lot, only had one minor repair in that time and is still fantastic.

Bowerbird5 Thu 08-Feb-18 17:55:53

Interested as I am putting a new kitchen in and was thinking of a Bosch washing machine as I have a Bosch fridge which has been great.

suchatiredbunny Thu 08-Feb-18 22:00:15

I had the 7kg version of that Bosch and it was fab. It died at Christmas after six years of constant use. In that time I only had to have an engineer out to it once, four years in. I would have bought the same again but wanted a 9kg drum.

thedayismine Fri 09-Feb-18 12:06:36

Thanks for replies .
I have a Bosch which I am pretty happy with and is in near constant use .
Just didn't want to sway her based on my opinion Alone !

thedayismine Fri 09-Feb-18 12:07:50

Lapdance that's exactly what I do with mine - speedperfect then an extra rinse

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