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Tumble dryer size plus will it change my life?

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Beachcomber Wed 10-Jan-18 10:28:50

It's that time of year again when I yearn for a tumble dryer...
Am trying to decide between 2. Have decided to go for fancy heat pump one and have seen 2 that are reduced in the sales so within my budget.
Machine 1 is an 8kg Bosch. Machine 2 is a 7kg Vedette (good French brand, I'm in France). The Vedette is 150 EUR cheaper than the Bosch and at 7kg is also more economical to run. It has great reviews and I think I'm going to get it I'm just looking for advice about size.

I've never had a tumble dryer before so not sure if 7kg is big enough. We are a family of 4 (kids are 11 and 14 but quite small girls so don't have huge jeans or hoodies) and it feels like we do loads of washing but I suppose it is a normal amount. Get good weather in the summer so I line dry then. We have a 5kg washing machine but it's a Miele so has a biggish drum. If I fill it but don't overfill it with a mix of trousers, tops, socks etc the wet washing that comes out weighs between 6 and 7kg (weighed a wash the other day)

Will the cheaper slightly more economical 7kg machine be enough? And will it change my life?? 😀

I'm sick of airers cluttering up the house and things taking a while to dry.

NotAPuffin Wed 10-Jan-18 11:00:29

I have a 9kg washing machine and 9kg dryer, and yes, I've found the dryer life-changing after never having one before. I would never be without one again.

We had a 5kg washing machine left in our house when we moved in and I had replaced it within a month! It was impossible to keep up with the washing around working full time. Now I do one big load a day, and I can have it washed, dried, folded and put away before bed. It's brilliant.

e1y1 Wed 10-Jan-18 11:03:55

There will not be all that much difference in capacity I from 7 to 8kg drum, having had numerous dryers from 5kg up to 9kg.

The weight rating applies to dry laundry weight, as of course the clothes will end up dry in the machine at the end.

To be honest though, the weight way of determining what a machine will take is a con, it’s volume that matters, an example would be a duvet wouldn’t weigh anywhere near 8kg when wet, let alone dry, but it would completely fill a “7/8kg” drum because of its mass.

Yes it eill change your life, I have never not, nor would ever no5 have a dryer (same with a dishwasher), life is far far too short for fussing around with airers and pots.

Happy drying.

Beachcomber Wed 10-Jan-18 12:51:21

OK thank you. I will check out drum size. I don't have plans to change my washing machine so perhaps 7kg is big enough.

I'm looking forward to having my life changed!

We have a pellet stove in the kitchen which is great for drying things in front on but it means the washing being in the middle of the kitchen. Or it goes at the top of the stairs where it dries OK but not very quickly.

frenchfancy Wed 10-Jan-18 12:57:15

Buy the bosch - much better quality than vedette. And if you are putting it in the kitchen check the an of the machines. They can be very noisy.

frenchfancy Wed 10-Jan-18 12:57:49

Auto correct changed db to an for some reason.

FartsMeanHearts Wed 10-Jan-18 12:59:41

Don’t go for the heat pump ones will save minimum on electricity and takes AGES to dry

Check out the reviews I nearly made that mistake!

gamerchick Wed 10-Jan-18 12:59:57

7kg should be enough, 8 would be better though. Big dry bath towel in with the wet cuts the drying time.

beachbodyunready Wed 10-Jan-18 13:01:53

I gave an AEG heat pump dryer and it's transformed laundry for my household. I can't recommend it highly enough it's wonderful.

PETRONELLAS Wed 10-Jan-18 13:02:30

Smaller one will be ok. Do jeans not shrink in the dryer???? I use mine for towels and bedding. Surely even pjs get shrunk.

Beachcomber Wed 10-Jan-18 16:56:04

I thought the heat pump ones were better because they are easier on the clothes. I don't mind if it takes a bit longer but don't want it to be ages....

Are the normal condensers a lot faster? We can't to vented.

IncyWincyGrownUp Sat 13-Jan-18 20:15:22

I always get a dryer with capacity to match the washing machine, so at the moment I have 8kg machines.

I can’t offer any input on the heat pump. I donavoid the ones with sensors though, I just prefer the ones that you set the timer on and leave to tumble.

Beachcomber Mon 15-Jan-18 12:12:48

It's ordered!
Went with the 7kg vedette because I discovered that the Bosch, for energy saving reasons, only turns one way and people have issues with sheets getting balled up. Hopefully it will be a good choice. I had a vedette washing machine for years and it was a real workhorse so I'm hoping this will be the same. Went and looked at machines in a shop and the 8kg seemed ridiculously big compared to my 5kg washer.
Can't wait to have it delivered and try it out!!

<sadly excited>

welshmist Mon 15-Jan-18 12:31:08

I love my gas tumble dryer. They are cheaper to run, large drum have used them for twenty years. Still on the original one just needed new jets a few years ago. Check out reviews on Amazon...

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