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Life-changing magic of kondo-ing in 2018 ( Kondo thread 11)

(72 Posts)
Gammeldragz Sun 07-Jan-18 23:29:14

A new thread for a new year. Come and join us in freeing your home from clutter, keeping only those items which spark joy (in a practical or beautiful way) and keeping everything neat and tidy. It isn't essential to read the book, but if you can it is entertaining and endearing as well as helpful. Some great YouTube videos are available to show 'correct folding method' - I have actually kept my knickers neat and folded since my first Kondo effort several years ago and that part is indeed life changing!
Everything is tackled in categories, the focus is on gathering every item for that category together before sorting - each item must be held and the decision to keep or throw made item by item. Only once the fate of everything in the category has been decided on do you even thing about storage. There is a 'correct' order, but you can be flexible.
Info on the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up - The KonMari Method

Gammeldragz Sun 07-Jan-18 23:30:46

Sorry, gaps between paragraphs seem to have vanished.
I have Kondo'd ('tis a verb) my clothes this week. 3 bags out, rest folded or hung.

AgathaMystery Mon 08-Jan-18 00:34:36

Glad we have a new thread. I lurked on the others. I have been a MK fan for a couple of years & like OP have kept my underwear drawer in perfect kondition (ha) ever since. My wardrobe has slipped though & is currently more of a floordrobe.

Anyway, birthdays & xmas are out of the way and we have no more birthdays until October & the lodger is moving out in 5 weeks so I'm getting back on it. So much stuff to move on and say goodbye to.

I'm taking lots of gifts to work tomorrow - it was kind of people to give them to us but I cannot keep them under any circs.

My big thing to get gone is the huge 12 seater dining table. hmm

SuperDiaperBaby Mon 08-Jan-18 08:27:14

Want to give it a go - read the book and watched a couple of videos. I am going to try to follow her order. My main problem is 'sentimental' items which I can never tackle so I am hoping that if I start with everything else I will be strong enough to tackle those at the end.

Starting with clothes.

MessySurfaces Mon 08-Jan-18 10:14:12

agatha please don't tell us the 12 seater table was an unwanted Xmas present????

I need to restart- I have made it through clothes and books, but I haven't got any further and over a year has gone by. Still, the bits I did have stayed done!

ScattyMcScatty Mon 08-Jan-18 13:51:30

I'm in! Have my master list at the ready in my bullet journal I WILL be more organised this year! I worked my way through it last year but my heart wasn't really in it so anything I had a second thought about I kept, but now I'm being ruthless so unless it's loved it's gone.

One thing I took from it last year was that experiences are everything, so for Christmas and birthdays we now tend to ask for experiences instead of things, so last year from the grandparents the kids had a day out to the zoo, the local farm, trip to Legoland and a museum, all of which they remember and love. From us it was centreparcs, deep sea world and trips to see family down south. Definitely works better for us.

Anyone else get any unexpected changes from it?

ScattyMcScatty Mon 08-Jan-18 13:52:37

^^That said, when we ask for experiences we ask that people spend time with the kids, not necessarily money, the grandparents came up with those ideas not us! blush

CocoLoco87 Mon 08-Jan-18 15:24:20

Love, love, love this thread and all things KM/MK! Me and DH have kondo'd the house over the last few months. I read the book and read aloud some snippets for him and it's changed our lives!

Our main 'problem area' at the moment is the spare room which has the entrance to the loft in it. Everything in the loft is in storage tubs but they need to be sorted through! It seems like such a mammoth task sad

coffeeandbiscuit Mon 08-Jan-18 16:14:42

Please may I join? I found MK from lurking on the thread here. Ordered the book, read some of it to my husband and that evening we cleared out the majority of our clothes. Complete converts. There’s no way with small DC that we can do it in one go, but hopefully by the time 2019 comes round we’ll have a thoroughly decluttered Home.

AgathaMystery Mon 08-Jan-18 16:50:46

No messy grin can't wait to see the back of it tho!

We also ask for experiences - Cinema vouchers go down a bomb here!

Gammeldragz Mon 08-Jan-18 18:45:04

messy I have done clothes and books several times and then lost the momentum.
scatty I plan to get experience vouchers for my DC this year for similar reasons. I also have a Bullet Journal Kondo page.
coffee welcome. Yes I see it being a year long thing for us, time wise. Especially as much of out stuff needs DH involved.
coco my loft is my biggest problem area, all the worse for being out of sight and out of mind. It has a rather large amount of surplus 'surplus' as DH (about 5 years ago) bought a job lot of army surplus that he was going to sell... Yeah, right!
super that is definitely why sentimental is left until last. I don't tend to have much in that catagory though, which is lucky.
Agatha a kondo'd knicker drawer is a thing of joy!

DressAndGo Mon 08-Jan-18 21:36:05

Thank you!

I've been kondo-ing, but it seem to go in waves. I think I've done the house, then repeat, but being more ruthless and repeat.

Hopefully I've got the idea now and this will be the last big go over... I bought the book on my kindle and it has made a difference to the way I'm going to tackle it this time.

Positives are that the house stays tidy more or less by itself!!! It perfect, but easy to sort out again. I int mind cleaning if the house is tidy, but I don't like to clean when the place is a mess.

We are also trying to emigrate, so I don't want to pay to take items we don't need...

I am going to tackle:

Books (taking them off shelves and collecting together this time)
DVDs, thinking about storing the ones we want to keep
Bedding - somehow I've never remembered to do this
Paperwork again...

Then the dreaded kitchen. This is my nemesis..

DressAndGo Mon 08-Jan-18 21:39:51

Also, I finally decided to have a go at folding clothes upright. Genius. I never thought I'd like it, but now I can open a drawer and see everything in there! I never thought I'd be converted, but I am.

ScattyMcScatty Tue 09-Jan-18 12:07:53

Dress I've also been doing it in waves, and not in the correct order either, but as it's my second round I don't think the order matters too much.

So I've done towels, or rather thrown them all away (well, to the local kennels!) and bought lovely joy sparking ones so we all have two bath sheets each and the girls have an extra bath towel for hair drying, plus three hand towels for each room and rather than clutter up the airing cupboard they're on lovely towel rail holders in each bathroom. I've kept two bath sheets for emergencies like water play, painting etc but if we've not used them in the next 6 months I'll get rid of them.

I've just done my clothes/shoes and will do underwear tonight. Added two bags of paperwork from the wardrobe, where does it even come from?? hmm

Ellisisland Tue 09-Jan-18 12:34:10

Room for one more? I kondo'd a couple of years ago before we moved house and have done a pretty good job of keeping it up but since Christmas and birthdays we have a lot more stuff reappearing in the house so am going to go through it again.
Toys are always a big one for me. So I am aiming to get rid of some of the furniture in the DCs room to make room for toys. Its stuff we had from when they were a baby, like nursing chairs, that are just used to fling clothes on now. So I am starting with the quick wins of removing those and then will start the categories.
Whoever said up thread about how you get more ruthless each time - so true. I think it took me a couple of rounds last time to really see a difference. However all our clothes are still folded Kondo style and my MIL admires my drawers whenever she visits grin

DressAndGo Tue 09-Jan-18 20:06:13

I've been c,earring out some music manuscript books - really hard, but am starting to understand the spark joy again. I kept 'nice' books before, but not joyful ones.

This time I realised that while they are nice, I wouldn't actually miss them. The ones I'm keeping now are the ones I look forward to playing and seek out.

(I play a lot of music that's transitory via orchestra, and I never keep that music and am happy with that - never think anything of it. Now I need to apply that to my own music).

AgathaMystery Tue 09-Jan-18 21:10:31

I had a day off today - very productive...

Did a full KM of my clothes when DH woke up for his ridic early train. Was all done before I woke DC for the school run.

After the school run I went home and stripped the beds and got the washer going. Also put dishwasher on.

Then I loaded up the car with donations and some garden waste and some huge white goods. Went to the tip and then nipped to the supermarket.

Came home and have cleared thru the whole kitchen. Emptied every cupboard and got rid of loads. Also cleared out the fairly large pantry. Everything in it is now in date.

Then it was lunch time! Then I did the bathroom and made the beds. Also carried on with laundry. Wastefully used tumble all day so all clothes can go away.

Finally I did the school run then did the bedroom with DC. went thru every little purse and trinket box. Got loads of stuff to go. I'm so pleased.

Once DC were in bed I finished the living room! I'm not off until the weekend but tomorrow I'm taking lots of bits in to work in case anyone wants them. None of it sparked joy for me.

I've got 8 bags to go to the tip and 2 to charity. Done 7 loads of laundry and even sorted Lego's into ziplock bags by colour.

Have finally sat down for a cup of tea. shockbrew

Almondsupreme Tue 09-Jan-18 21:14:43

Jeez Agatha! What a productive day!! star

DressAndGo Tue 09-Jan-18 21:21:03

shock wow! @AgathaMystery! That's fantastic!

AgathaMystery Tue 09-Jan-18 22:03:43

I'm sat here in shock.

Most unlike me to not spend a day off in bed reading Jilly Cooper smileblush

ScattyMcScatty Tue 09-Jan-18 22:35:23

Agatha shock

MessySurfaces Tue 09-Jan-18 22:43:32

Wow agatha!
Heh, next day off there will be nothing to distract you from jilly!

Gammeldragz Tue 09-Jan-18 22:52:03

Agatha wins Kondo-er of the week award! I'm tired just reading that, well done!

Ellisisland Wed 10-Jan-18 09:32:49

Wow AgathaMystery that is impressive! Most of my Kondo'ing has to take place at the weekends thanks to long hours at work but I have listed a couple of things for sale on eBay and Gumtree. DH did a big trip to the dump last week to get rid of an old wardrobe and it makes such a difference to get large items out of the house!

We are in the process of doing the house up so we still have a lot of DIY stuff about that drives me crazy but I know that will go eventually. I am leaving that stuff till last and hope that a go over of the rest of the house will help.

DressAndGo Wed 10-Jan-18 09:41:14

I need some inspiration from agatha. I've been looking forward all week to having time today to get on with the house, now I'm procrastinating in front of the tv...

I have to go out and will be back by 10ish... hopefully I'll find some when I'm out! It's a good nice grey drizzly day to be indoors kondoing.

Not sure what to do. Books, kitchen or another catagory (I need to sort through drawers etc.). Do I just empty all the drawers in the house? I could empty everything, sort into categories and then declutter... not sure today (I think it doesn't help that I got very little sleep last night).

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