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Sewing machine help

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TheSeasonOfTheWitch Fri 15-Dec-17 10:28:03

I posted in AIBU for needing a different machine, but the post is probably better here

My mother (very kindly) lent me her sewing machine- a Pfaff, and it really is a bloody faff!! It isn't instinctive somehow, a bit like using a PC rather than a Mac is probably how I would describe it.

I need an easy to use basic machine that I can improve my very basic skills on, and also teach my 8 year old on as she is desperate to learn.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?! Or AIBU and all sewing machines are a faff?

NameChangedAndForgotOldName Fri 15-Dec-17 10:29:28

Brothers are good and Janome.
I started off with the LIDL cheapo one which was a great starter machine

HumpHumpWhale Fri 15-Dec-17 10:31:31

What exactly are you finding a faff? There's always a certain amount of faffing at the start, but threading etc soon becomes second nature. I like my brother, but might get a janome if I was going to buy one again.

Slinkier Fri 15-Dec-17 10:51:08

Is it a computerised machine? Maybe get something simpler like a basic Janome. Aldi have a machine atm which is ok, I bought it for my niece for Christmas.
John Lewis own brand machines are all actually made by Janome too, and are simple and good.
What is confusing you exactly? Threading? Tension?

TheSeasonOfTheWitch Fri 15-Dec-17 12:51:59

Thanks so much for your replies!

Mainly it's putting the thread on the bobbin, it seems to keep jamming, threading the needle too, that I find hard. I've done a basic sewing course and take the machine with me, it drove the teacher a bit bonkers too! I know there is nothing wrong with it as such, it just isn't straightforward.

dudsville Fri 15-Dec-17 12:53:16

Do you have the right thread for the needle size?

JT05 Fri 15-Dec-17 13:49:35

I have a JL/Janome model it’s a really good basic machine. Don’t go for the cheapest, but the next level up with a good light and about 10 basic stitches.

steppingout Fri 15-Dec-17 14:04:46

How old is your mum's machine? I have an older Pfaff and while it's great, it's definitely less intuitive than my newer machines. If you're anywhere near a good sewing machine shop you should be able to go in and try a selection. I started out with a Brother which was really easy to use - I can't find the model number though! It cost about £150 new. It was a top loading bobbin which I found easier than front loading when I was getting started.

Aph413 Fri 15-Dec-17 14:08:43

Have you seen the Facebook group sewing in the UK? I got loads of advice on thete when starting out with an inherited overlocker. Not helpful if you don't use Facebook of course but thought I'd suggest it

bigtissue Fri 15-Dec-17 14:18:50

What age is the machine? You should be able to find reference to the model number and possible date of manufacture somewhere on it or in the manual. Pfaff (Sweden) used to be a good make but got absorbed into the Singer consortium over 10 years ago, and that has a bearing on the quality of more recent domestic models.

If you want to post the model and year of manufacture I (and others here) could probably give you a few pointers.

The important thing is not be intimidated, it's only a machine smile

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