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Home security no wifi

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Bloomed Tue 05-Dec-17 01:47:08

Is there a way to have some kind of cctv without broadband? Perhaps something which records when I'm out and can be reset each day? And/or something which alerts me if doors open via 3G signal?

Fintons Tue 05-Dec-17 02:21:17

The Philips indoor security camera can work on 3G, perhaps others can too?

noodlesandtomatoes Tue 05-Dec-17 02:51:23

CCTV means 'closed circuit'. You don't need WiFi.

Fintons Tue 05-Dec-17 03:04:48

Good point noodles! blush

I guess the OP is asking because most available cheaply will record and store footage in the Cloud or have remote control / viewing over Wi-fi.

Bloomed Tue 05-Dec-17 03:10:05

Thanks fintons! I'll look at that
noodles do you have any recommendations for cctv?

PutAnOwlOnIt Tue 05-Dec-17 03:44:32

If you have access to power points and can run cables, you could set up a few cameras with a DVR to record onto. Google CCTV DVR kit for options.

Bloomed Tue 05-Dec-17 22:41:12

Thanks. I guess that would be best for inside?

RicottaPancakes Tue 05-Dec-17 22:45:24

Of course there is!

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