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Kleenex Balsam tissues not soft anymore?

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Mickeysgloves Sun 03-Dec-17 19:56:38

Had the start of a cold at work the other day, so bought an 8 pack of the small packs of the Balsam tissues as they have been brilliant in the past at preventing my nose from getting all red and sore when I have a cold.

This time though, they were really rough and I ended up getting a coldsore where my nose got so chapped from using them.

I since bought a normal sized box and found the same thing and i compared them to an old box I had in a cupboard and they are definitely different. I am gutted as I use them (some old ones) on my currently very snotty 19 month old DD and her nose was never red and we got through a lot of tissues!

Has anyone else found this? Anu suggestions for alternatives? I bought Tescos own brand yesterday and they aren't as soft either....

zippydoodaar Sun 03-Dec-17 23:46:12

Not sure about the balsam tissues but Wilkinson tissues are good in terms of quality/price.

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