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Bosch/Neff/Siemens washer dryer

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Magnetron Sun 03-Dec-17 09:03:50

Just wondered if anyone can give me their experience of Bosch/Neff/Siemens integrated washer dryers?

We had a built in Neff one that lasted for 14 years(!) and finally couldn't be repaired. We got a new one under a cover plan we took out years ago so we didn't have much choice about the model - they sent us a new Neff V6320X1GB as it was the closest match to our old one.

But it's been a bit of a PITA and I want to change it for another model - under the terms of the plan we can do that as long as we pay the difference if the one we choose is dearer. And it has to be from the Bosch/Siemens/Neff range.

So... has anyone got an integrated washer dryer from this range (recentish model) that you can totally recommend (or that you'd say totally avoid!) because I'm going a bit nutso looking at all the conflicting reviews online? Which has been no help as they don't review any of them. Every site I look at has wildly different star ratings and different comments for the different models!

So anyway... long shot, but I just thought some of you MNers might just have some wisdom here cos we have to decide today... anyone?!

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