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Leather sofas and chairs.

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HappydaysArehere Sat 02-Dec-17 17:57:18

Please can you help? Have just bought a Parker Knoll leather armchair in safari rust to replace a chair which we had as part of a multi York suite we have had about 20years. Now the rest of the suite is shown up and we are thinking of replacing the rest of the suite. My concern is the longevity of the leather. What happens if anything gets spilt on the leather. Is it likely to stain? There is just the two of us until the family visit. However, we do have occasional dog visitors; sometimes for a week or so as our dh’s Family go on holiday. I love the idea of not sending covers to the cleaners, washing them and struggling to refit them. It’s going to be a big outlay and at our age will be the last suite we will buy. That is being realistic as the guarantee on the framework will extend beyond our lifetime! Does anyone else have a Parker Knoll leather suite they have had for a fair time which has been well and truly family used. Would be pleased to have your opinions.

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