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Waterproof garden storage?

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Myanna Fri 01-Dec-17 05:41:09

We're about to move into a house with a small garden and a side return alongside the kitchen.

It's a narrow passageway, too narrow for a proper shed but it would be great to use some of that space for storage. Otherwise it's totally wasted unless we do an expensive extension.

Eg cushions for garden seats and other things which I don't want to get damp.

So any recommended garden storage which doesn't look terrible and is waterproof? Could be benches or something taller with less depth.

Larger secure options for storing buggies/scooters in the front garden while also be interesting, I'm trying to keep the actual house as clear as possible!

Monkeybunkey Fri 01-Dec-17 13:10:46

Keter garden storage boxes are good and waterproof. My brother replaced his shed with them a couple of years ago.

trickyex Fri 01-Dec-17 19:09:21

Could you add a roof over the space so you can make use of all of it?
Neighbours or mine have done this and have created a fantastic outdoor utility room with space for bikes/tools/bins/recyling etc.

trickyex Fri 01-Dec-17 19:12:53

Myanna Fri 01-Dec-17 23:46:09

Thanks for the suggestions. There are windows into the space so I'm not sure that roofing it would work in terms of keeping light coming into the house. Something to think about though.

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